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Solved Exercises 2nd Year Biology According to Smart Syllabus

solved exercises 2nd year

Solved exercises 2nd year Biology chapter wise. Fsc part 2 Biology alp smart syllabus notes. MCQs of Biology 2nd year pdf. 2nd year Biology short questions notes pdf.

2nd year Biology notes all chapters. 2nd year Biology chapter wise test pdf.

Solved Exercises 2nd Year Biology


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Q.2. Fill in the blank.

The detoxification of ammonia to (osmoregulation) requires the precursor of ornithine. In kidney nephron is closely associated with network of (urea).

The nephrons arranged along the border of cortex and medulla, with tubular (collecting tubules) system looping deep in the inner medulla, are called nephrons (jurtamedullary).

Q.2. Encircle the correct answer from the multiple choices. (lithotripsy)

1. The protection of an internal environment from the harms of fluctutations is the definition of which of the following?


(b) excretion

(c) thermoregulation

d homeostasis

The excretory structures that deliver urine form kidney to urinary bladder.


(b) pelvis

C ureter

(d) Collecting tubule

Which of the following is not endotherm?

(a) bird

(b) amphibian

(c) flying insects

(d) mammals

Short questions

(0) Differentiate between osmoconformers and osmoregulators.




Animal body fluids are kept isotonic to the animals whose body fluid the external environment even for concentrations differ noticeably the marine saltwater environment.

These outside environment actively regulate animals thus do not require actively to to discharge excess water in hypotonic adjust their internal osmotic state, so and excrete salts in hypertonic are known as osmoconformers. conditions therefore, are called as osmoregulators.

Why does filtration takes place only at glomerull part of nephron and nowhere

Ans: The wall of the capillaries is porous. So material from the blood in glomerulus can easily pass through these pores. On the other hand all other capillaries on the nephron are without such pores so filreration cannot take place in them.

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