Solved Exercises 2nd Year Biology According to New Syllabus

Solved exercises 2nd-year Biology chapter-wise. Fsc part 2 Biology according to new syllabus 2022-23. MCQs of Biology 2nd year pdf. 12th class Biology short questions note pdf. 2nd-year Biology notes all chapters. Fsc 2nd-year Biology chapter wise test pdf.

A Biology exam can feel like one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do in school. Some students might think that their biology teacher is trying to trick them. By giving them tricky questions and answers that don’t make sense. But it’s not hard to learn how to do well on tests. With the right preparation, you can turn even your worst Biology grades around in as little as one semester.

Solved Exercises 2nd Year Biology Cell Division:

If you want to understand cell division better, you should learn about its phases. Mitosis has three stages: the prophase, the metaphase, and the anaphase. Learn cell division’s phases to better comprehend it.

Prophase, metaphase, and anaphase comprise mitosis. During prophase, chromosomes’ center point in preparation split. During metaphase and anaphase. Each chromosome can segregate into chromatids after anaphase.

Karyokinesis and Mitosis are 2nd-year syllabus terms. Here are some of their process. All readers can grasp the explanation below. Karyokinesis: During Meiosis (cell division), homologous chromosomes travel to opposite poles. Anaphase 1 disjunction yields two daughter cells. Sister chromatids adhere to spindle fibers at the centromere during Metaphase 1. (1A) and migrate towards the metaphase plate in anaphase.

Example Questions Biology:

Animal body fluids are isotonic to the animals whose body fluids are the external environment. Even concentrations differ noticeably from the marine saltwater environment.

This outside environment actively regulates animals. And thus does not require action to discharge excess water in hypotonic adjust their internal osmotic state. Why does filtration takes place only at the glomeruli part of the nephron and nowhere

Ans: The wall of the capillaries is porous. So material from the blood in the glomerulus can easily pass through these pores. On the other hand, all other capillaries on the nephron are without such pores so filtration cannot take place in them. To Download 2nd year Biology all chapter solved exercises from the below link.

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