Solved Past Papers 2022 Chemistry Inter Part 2 Punjab Board

Solved Past papers 2022 Fsc 2nd year chemistry all Punjab Boards. Download in pdf with answer keys. Here is a list of Boards with past papers.

Solved Past Papers 2022 List Of Boards:

  • Lahore Board (Second Group)
  • Gujranwala Board (First Group)
  • Gujranwala Board (Second Group)
  • Faisalabad Board (First Group)
  • Faisalabad Board (Second Group)
  • Multan Board (First Group)
  • Multan Board (Second Group)
  • Sahiwal Board
  • Sargodha Board (First Group)
  • Sargodha Board (Second Group)
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Dera Ghazi Khan Board
  • Bahawalpur Board (First Group)
  • Bahawalpur Board (Second Group) AJK Board

Sample Solved Past papers 2022 Fsc 2nd year chemistry

BISE LAHORE PAST PAPER Chemistry 2nd Year:

Mark the correct statement:
(A) Nat is smaller than Na atom
(C) Ct is smaller than Cl atom
(B) Nat is larger than Na atom
Chile salt petre has the chemical formula:
(A) CE(ion) and Cl (atom) are equal in size
(B) NaNO3
(C) KNO2

Boric acid cannot be used:
(A) As antiseptic in medicines
(B) For washing eyes
(C) In soda bottles
(D) For enamels and glazes

Laughing gas is chemically:
(A) N20
(B) NO2
(C) N204

Gujranwala Board Paper

The hydrogen bond is the strongest between the molecules of:
(A) HBr
(B) HI
(C) HF

The percentage of carbon in different type of non product is in the order of:
(A) Cast iron > wrought iron > steel
(B) Wrought iron > steel > cast iron
(C) Cast iron > steel > wrought iron
(D) Cast iron = steel > wrought iron

Which set of hybrid orbitals has a planar triangular shape:
(A) dSpº
(B) Sp
(C) Sp?
(D) Sp

Faisalabad Board Past Paper

Vinyl acetylene combines with HCl to form:
(A) Chloroprene
(B) Benzene
(C) Poly acetylene
(D) Divinyl acetylene

Aromatic hydrocarbons are the derivatives of:
(A) Alkene
(B) Benzene
(C) Cyclohexene
(D) Normal series of paraffin

Elimination bimolecular reactions involve:
(A) Zero-order reactions
(B) First order reactions
(C) Second-order reactions
(D) Third-order reactions

Multan Board Past Paper 2022

Which enzyme is not involved in the fermentation of starch:
(A) Urease
(B) Zymase
(C) Invertase
(D) Diastase

Which of the following will have the highest boiling point:
(A) Methanal
(C) Propanal
(D) 2-Hexanone

Which acid is used in the manufacture of synthetic fiber:
(A) Formic acid
(B) Oxalic acid
(C) Carbonic acid

Sahiwal Board 2nd Year Chemistry Past paper 2022

The fibre which is made from acrylonitrile as monomer:
(B) Acrylic fibre
(C) Polyester fibre

Which of these polymers is an addition polymer:
(A) Terylene
(B) Polystyrene
(C) Epoxy resin
(D) Nylon – 6,6

Which woody raw material is used for manufacturing of paper pulp:
(A) Poplar
(B) Rice straw
(C) Cotton
(D) Bagasse

Sargodha Board 2nd Year Chemistry Past Paper

Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions:
(i) Define periodic table. How many groups and periods are present in it?
(ii) Define (i) Mendeleev’s periodic law
(ii) Differentiate between alkali metals and alkaline earth metals.
Give one example in each case.
(iv) Write down the formulas of the following minerals:
(i) Borax
(v) Write down four uses of borax.
(vi) Define the chemical garden.
(vii) Write down two similarities and two dissimilarities of oxygen and sulphur.
(viii) Write four differences of nitrogen from its family.
(ix) Why does aqua regia dissolve gold and platinum?
(x) Write down four essential qualities of good fertilizer.
(xi) What are raw materials for the manufacture of cement?
(xii) Define environmental chemistry. Name components of the environment.

Rawalpindi Board Chemistry Paper 2022

Write short answers to any EIGHT
(i) Define organic chemistry. What is vital force theory?
(ii) Write down structural formulas of the following:
(a) 2-Methylpropane
(b) Neopentane
(c) 3-Ethyl pentane
(d) 2,2-Dimethyl pentane
(iii) Write down four uses of methane.
(iv) Define aromatic hydrocarbons. How they are classified?
(v) What happens when
(a) Benzene is heated with conc. H 50, at 250°C.
(b) Chlorine is passéd through benzene in sunlight.
(vi) Define alkyl halides. What are primary alkyl halides? Give one example.
(vii) Define Grignard reagent. Give one example.
(viii) How ethanal is prepared from molasses? Write chemical reaction as well.
(ix) Define:
(a) Absolute alcohol
(b) Methylated spirit
(c) Rectified spirit
(d) Denaturing of alcohol

Dera Ghazi Khan Board Paper 2022

Write down the structural formulae of the following:
(a) Propanoic acid
(b) Oxalic acid
(c) Benzoic acid
(d) Acetic anhydride
How acetic acid is converted into the methane?
Define amino acids. Give two examples.

Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions:

(1) What is iodized salt?
(ii) Why iodine has metallic luster?
(iii) Give four applications of noble gases.
(iv) What are interstitial compounds?
(v) How will you convert ethanol into lactic acid?
(vi) How will you distinguish between ethanal and benzaldehyde?
Give respective chemical reactions.
(vii) How is polyvinyl chloride prepared and give its uses?
(viii) How is nylon – 6, 6 prepared?

Bahawalpur Board Past Paper

Note: Attempt any THREE questions.

(a) Write eight points to describe the role of lime in industries.
(b) What are hydrides, describe different types of hydrides?
(a) Define corrosion. Explain the electrochemical theory of corrosion.
(ix) What is the function of DNA and RNA?
(b) How water is disinfected by chlorine? Write down the harmful effects of chlorination of water.
(a) What is orbital hybridization? Explain spå hybridization with an example.
(b) Discuss atomic orbital treatment to explain the structure of benzene.
(a) How can the following conversions be carried out:
(1) Ethane — Methane (ii) Methane → Ethane
(b) How can ethers be prepared by the Williamsons method and from Ag2O?
(a) How does ethyl magnesium bromide react with:
(b) CO2
(c) H3C – CHO
(d) H20
(e) CH3OH
(b) Describe with mechanism aldol condensation reaction. Lahore Board (First Group)

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