Solved Past Papers NED University of Engineering and Technology

Download solved past papers of NED University of engineering and technology fully solved.

Here are sample MCQs from NED Past papers.

1. The device which changes A.C into D.C is
A. Rectifier

B. Amplifier

C. Oscillator

D. Amplifier and Rectifier

2. A convex lens of 20cm focal length is used to form an erect image which is twice as large as the object. The position of the object from the lens.
A. 5cm

B. 10cm

C. 15

D. 20cm

3. When image of distant object is formed in front of retina of eye, the abnormality of eye is.
A. Farsightedness

B. Short sightedness
C. Myopia

D. Hyperopic

4. 1st law of thermodynamics is equivalent to law of conservation of.
A. Energy

B. Momentum

C. Temperature

D. Force

5. The focal length of a lens is 20cm & image size is 2 times of object size. Compute object distance.
A. 20 cm

B. 30 cm

C. 40 cm

D. 50 cm

6. 100cc of an ideal gas is heated from 27oC to 327oC. What will be its final volume.

A. 100cc

B. 200cc

C. 300cc

D. 700cc

7. When department stores have an oversupply of goods, they frequently cut prices to encourage sales.

A. conceal

B. review

C. damage

D. reduce

8. As a nerve cell is depolarized, it releases nerve impulses.

A. coincides

B. emits

C. pushes

D. shields

9. Evolution has hardly changed the horseshoe crab over millions of years.

A. Carefully

B. Probably

C. Scarcely

D. Slowly

Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks:

1. The neighbors’ children are the of my life.

A. bane

B. banner

2. The pipes are up.

A. jingling

B. clogging

3. She has always been very to her mother.

A. closely

B. close
4. A judgment made before all the facts are known must be called:

A. harsh

B. deliberate

C. sensible

D. premature

5. The research is so that it leaves no part of the issue unexamined.

A. comprehensive

B. rewarding

C. sporadic

D. economical

6. A dictatorship requires its citizens to be docile and finds it expedient to make out east of those who do not
A. rebel

B. disobey

C. conform

D. withdraw

7. The supreme courts reversal of its previous ruling on the issue of states rights its reputation for consistency.
A. Sustained

B. Compromised

C. Bolstered

D. aggravated

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