Solved Past Papers of ICS Computer 12th | Chapter & Topic wise Solution

Solved past papers of ICS computer 12th very high quality content for the annual examination 2023. We know that all the students are searching the past papers and quality content. That’s why we present the both past papers and high quality content for the students. Because that is the needs for all the students. We understand the needs of students. We will be trying to struggle hard to collect the quality contents for dear students.

We present the three portions of these notes. First, we present the PDF format file. This file consists on chapter and the topic wise solution of Computer Science for ICS part 2nd. This is the useful content for the students. All chapters and all topics also mentioned the importance according to the all Punjab Board exams, 2023.

The second portion consists of all Punjab previous boards exams solved papers 2023. The third portion consists of all Punjab solved Up-To-Date papers 2023. We uploaded the best quality solved past papers of ICS Computer Science according to the new syllabus. We presented those data for the best preparation of the students against the final exam 2023. Not only that, but we will always strive for the students and provide the high quality content.

The Syllabus of Computer Science 12th of new Board Scheme 2023

Chapter#TitleBoard Scheme
1Data BasicsLong Question + Short Question+ MCQ’s
2Basic Concept and Terminology of Data BasesShort Questions and MCQ’s
3Data Base Design ProcessLong Question+ MCQ’s + Short Questions
4Data Integrity and NormalizationLong Questions + Short Questions +MCQ’s
5Introduction to Microsoft AccessMCQ’s and Short Questions
6Table and QueryShort Question+ MCQ’s
7Microsoft Access Forms and Reports Short Question + MCQ’s
8Getting Started with CLong Questions + Short Question+ MCQ’s
9Elements of C Short Question + MCQ’s
10Input / OutputShort Question+ MCQ’s
11Decision ConstructsLong Questions + Short Question+ MCQ’s
12Loop Constructs Long Questions+ Short Question+ MCQ’s
13Function in CShort Question+ MCQ’s
14File Handling in C Short Question+ MCQ’s

Download the PDF of Chapter and Topic wise solution of Computer for ICS part 2nd

Download the solved past papers of ICS Computer 12th

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