Solved Past Papers of MCAT UHS NUMS Pakistan PDF

mcat past ppaers

Mdcat nums uhs fmdc University of Health Sciences Pakistan. Entry test mcqs for medical past papers. Unit wise mdcat past papers of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English.

Solved Past Papers of MDCAT NUMS UHS FMDC

Fully solved past papers of MDCAT NUMS UHS FMDC entry tests in Pakistan. Download all papers in pdf form. some sample multiple choice questions from past papers are given below.

A body moving on a fluid will experience:
(A) Orag force
(B) Centripetal force
(C) Centrifugal force
(D) Tabular fore
If a substance can undergo plastic deformation, until it breaks, It is:
(A) Ductile substance
(B) Brit-tie substance
(C) Crystalline substance
(D) Polymeric substance
If stress is applied on a body then ratio of change in volume to original volume will be:
(A) Polymeric strain
(B) Volumetric strain
(C) Parallel strain
(D) Tensile strain

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Unit Wise MDCAT Past Papers From 2008-16

Special Thanks to ARK. Who owned these Papers composition.

Unit Wise MDCAT Past Papers From 2011-16

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Unit Wise Biology mdcat Past Papers

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter Wise Past Papers

Unit Wise MCAT English Past Papers

MCAT Physics Unit Wise Past Papers

FMDC Past Papers

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