Stars Academy MDCAT Assignments 2020 in PDF


Stars Academy Assignment 2020 in PDF. Download Stars Academy Home assignments for mdcat entry test preparation. These assignments were issued in 2020 during covid-19. Try to solve these assignments by yourself.

Stars Academy MDCAT Assignments

Stars Academy Assignment which were conducted in 2020 session of mdcat entry test preparation. Here are some sample multiple choice questions (MCQs) from these assignments.

  1. Tendons are composed of protein…………
    a Collagen
    b Myoglobin
    c Myosin
    d Actin
  2. Sarcoplasm has red pigment……….
    a Actin
    b Myosin
    c Hemoglobin
    d Myoglobin
  3. Which are huge cells………..
    a Skeletal muscle bundles
    b Myofilaments
    c Myofibrils
    d Muscle fibres
  4. A sarcomere is the region of myofibrils between two successive………..
    a Z-line
    b M-line
    c A-line
    d H-line
  5. The myosin heads are some time called……….
    a T-tubules
    b Triads
    c Cross – bridges
    d S.R
  6. Each myosin heads are some times called……….
    a 3
    b 6
    c 9
    d 12
  7. Thin filaments are composed chiefly of protein………….
    a Actin
    b Myosin
    c Troponin
    d Tropomyosin
  8. This consists of smaller contractile units called sarcomeres.
    a Myofibrils
    b Myofilaments
    c Musclefibers
    d Muscle cell
  9. Which one is correct for sliding filament model
    a Z-lines get
    b I-bond reduces
    c M-line disappears
    d I-bond shortens
  10. T-tubule human is continuous with the
    a Sarcoplasm
    b Sarcoplasmic reticulum
    c Extra cellular fluid
    d Intracellular fluid

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