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Stars Academy MDCAT Early Prep Test 2021 Biology With Keys

stars academy mdcat early prep

Stars academy mdcat early prep test session 2021 all tests with answer keys. MDCAT Biology test 6 topic Gas exchange and immunity. Download topic-wise tests of stars academy session 2021 nmdcat according to PMC syllabus.

Stars Academy MDCAT Early Prep Test 2021:

Here are some sample MCQs(Multiple choice questions) from this test of mdcat Biology.

The maximum combining capacity of HB with oxygen is at
A) K2
B) Margla Hills
C) Mars
D) Sea level

  1. The difference between the Carbon dioxide in venous and atrial blood:
    A) 4ml
    B) 6ml
    C) 10ml
    D) 21mi
  2. Hemoglobin can carry _mi/100ml of the blood of oxygen at 760mmHg atmospheric
    A) 160 mi
    B) 20 ml
    C) 19,6 ml
    D) 19.4 ml
  3. The maximum amount of CO carried as:
    A) Carboxyhemoglobin
    C) Plasma proteins
    B) k+
    D) All carry the same amount
  4. is the of alveolar destruction
    A) Asthma
    C) Emphysema
    B) Bronchitis
    D) Tuberculosis
  5. Hemoglobin has Normal color
    A) Purple red
    C) pink
    B) Bright red
    D) All of these
  6. Factors which is/are directly related with Hb carry capacity with Oxygen
    A) PH
    B) Oxygen
    C) Co2 conc
    D) temperature
  7. The enzyme essential for the transport of CO2 as bicarbonate in the blood is
    C) Carbonic anhydrase
    A) Carboxypeptidase
    B) Succinic dehydrogenase
    D) Thrombokinase
  8. Which one of the following is pitcher plant from following
    C) Dionaea
    B) Drosera
  9. Normal Breathing Rate per Min is. Normal Breathing Rate per Min is.
    C) 25
    D) 50
    D) All of these
    A) 15
    B) 35

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