Stars Academy NMDCAT Biology Repeaters Test 2021

stars academy nmdcat

Stars Academy NMDCAT Biology repeaters test 2021. Stars Biology repeaters self-assessment test c2 and c4. Download in pdf.

Stars Academy NMDCAT Biology:

Stars Academy NMDCAT Biology
Stars Academy NMDCAT Test 2021

Here are some example MCQs from stars nmdcat Biology repeaters test 2021.

At high tomporature the rate of onzyme action decreases because the increased hoat:
A) Changes the pH in the system
B) Alters the active site of the enzyme
C) Neutralize acidstund bases in the system
D) Increases the concentration of enzymes

A fatty acid is a compound madu of a chain of carbon atoms and
A) An acid group at one end
B) Acid group at both ends
C) An amino group
D) Amino group at both ends

_.protein has quaternary structure.
A) keratin
B) Hemoglobin
C) Silk
D) Fibrin

Which bond provides stablllty to complex carbohydratos?
B) N-C
C) C-O-C
D) C-O-N

Blood contains_percent of glucose.
A) 0.8 %
B) 0.06%
C) 0.08%
D) 6%

Most common acylglycorolls
A) Animal fats
B) Triacyclglycerol
C) Plant fats
D) Diacylglycerol

The basic unit of nucleic acid is_
A) Pentose sugar
B) Nucleoside
C) Nucleoid
D) Nucleotide

mRNA have AUG for methionine what will be present on TRNA.
A) Atg
B) Tag
C) Tac
D) Vac

Test 2021 Biology by Stars:

Which of the following groups are all polysaccharides?
A) Sucrose, glucose and fructose
B) Maltose, lactose and fructose
C) Glycogen, sucrose and maltose
D) Glycogen, cellulose and starch

Lactose is composed of_
A) Glucose + galactose
B) Fructose + galactose
C) Glucose + fructose
D) Glucose + glucose

Which of following is precursor of sex hormones.
A) Carbohydrates
B) Steroid
C) Lecithin
D) All of these

— is the first microbe to have genome completely sequenced & was published in july 28, 1995.
A) Streptococci Pneumonia
B) Haemoplrilus
C) Campylobacter
D) Saccharomyces

No, of Arrino acid found to be occur in cells & tissue are:
A) 20
B) 25
C) 170
D) 300 more then

lodine gives a red colour with:
A) Starch
B) Dextrin
C) Glycogen
D) Inulin

Each turn of a-helix contains the amino acid residues (number):
A) 3.6
B) 4.2

Stars Academy Lahore NMDCAT 2021 Biology Test 5

Repeaters session nmdcat Biology topic Photosynthesis and Respiration. Download in pdf full test.

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