Stars Academy NMDCAT Chemistry 2022 Tests Repeaters

Stars Academy NMDCAT Chemistry preparation repeaters session. All tests are with answer keys. Download in pdf. Stars Academy is the best place for repeat students to study for the NMDCAT Chemistry session. All of the tests come with answer keys and can be downloaded as pdf files. The institute has a group of teachers who have been teaching for many years and have a lot of experience and training. Students can also use the institute’s many study materials and other resources to prepare for their exams.

Stars Academy NMDCAT Chemistry:

look at some sample MCQs from stars academy chemistry tests. Topic Chemical Bonding C4 with answer keys. For KIPS Chemistry MCQs click here

The molecule has how many electron pairs according to VSEPR theory?
A) two bond pair and one lone pair
B) By three-sigma bond pairs
C) VSEPR theory fails to explain:
D) two bond pair and two lone pair

arrangement of electron pairs around the central atom Hybridization plays an important role in
A) determining the energy of the molecules
B) determining the geometry of the molecules
C) determining the shape of the molecules
D) determining both stability and geometry of molecules

Which atom will have higher ionization energy:
A) Na
C) O
D) B

According to VSEPR theory, the electron pairs around the central atom arrange themselves in such a
the way that there is:
A) Maximum repulsion and minimum distance
B) Minimum repulsion and minimum distance
C) Maximum repulsion and maximum distance
DI Minimum repulsion and maximum distance

Which of the following does not have linear geometry?
A) CdCI.
B Sncia
C) HgCI:
D) BeCla

An element has the given values of the first five ionization energy 496 698) 7000, 7700, 8000. What
will be the nature of the oxide of this element?
A) acidic
B) amphoteric
C) basic
D) neutral

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