Stars Entry Test English Tests Early Prep Session 2023

Stars entry test English Test 7 MDCAT early prep session 2023. Stars Academy of Lahore campus MDCAT unit-wise and topic-wise test of English. Topic reflexive and relatives MCQs. In preparation for the Stars English Entry Test, students studied all of the key skills for this subject area including grammar and spelling; vocabulary; usage; punctuation; and more. During one session, we covered questions about relative clauses (what they are, how to make them), as well as various types of sentences such as imperative sentences and passive voice sentences.

Stars Entry Test English Test 7:

Stars entry test English test early prep session 2022-23. Here are some sample MCQs from MDCAT English test no.7.


Test Code: E7 (Reflexive & Relative)
Choose the correct word/words to complete each sentence
Be careful when shopping because you do not want unnecessary purchases to
the value of the coupons you are using.
C) Placid
D) Negate
A) Persist
B) Pant

I had an ant bite that continued to me throughout the day, but thankfully it was nothing
more than a minor irritant
C) Operate
A) Mumble
D) Plop
8) NiggleShe
C) Placidly
attends the class despite repeated warnings from the teachers.
A) Presumably
B) Occasionally
D) Practically

Choose the word that is most nearly similar in meaning.
A) Concession
B) Zenith
D) Falsity

  1. Prerogative
    A) Nadir
    B) Entitlement
    C) CommonerA
    D) Preplanned

6. Pensively
Al Ruminatively
C) Chaotically
B) Properly
D) Brainlessly

  1. Plopped
    Af Fluttered
    C) Ecstatic
    B) DejectedÂȘ
    D) Soared

Choose the correct spelling.
A) Paraphernelia
C) Parapharnalia
B) Paraphernalia
D) Paraphernalia

  1. A) Propelleng
    C} Propelling
    B) Prepelling
    D) Propeling

  2. A) Ocasionally
    C) Occasionaly
    B) Occassionally
    D) Oecasionally

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