STEP MDCAT Vocabulary English Book PDF Download

STEP MDCAT English Vocabulary 2022 updated NMDCAT edition Book PDF Download. STEP MDCAT vocabulary book pdf 2022. MDCAT Vocabulary 2022 pdf.

STEP MDCAT English Vocab

Step by Punjab Group of Colleges(pgc) is most authentic institute for the preparation of mdcat entry test preparation. Here we have uploaded the STEP mdcat English Book to facilitate the students who are willing to attempt the MCAT examination this year. look at some example of English vocabulary from this book.


Punjab group of colleges(PGC) STEP updated NMDCAT English vocabulary Book 2022. Download complete set of vocabulary part 1 in pdf given in below link.

Similarly, some examples of mdcat English vocab are given below. You should read these examples before downloading the book.


An unusual habit or part of someone’s

personality, or something that is strange and unexpected:


Seeming to ask a question without saying anything:
Puzzled, perplexed, baffled, questioning, inquiring, mystified, curious,


A set of fixed actions and sometimes words

performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony:


If something reinforces an idea or opinion, it

provides more proof or support for it and makes it seem true:

Play down, destabilizes, let down, undermine, undercharging, de stabilized,

destabilize, under mining, under price, under-cutting, under cut, destabilizing, under charges, soften, under charged

1.       She still clings ___________ the old customs.

(a) of                     

(b) to                      

(c)  for                   

(d) with 

2.       Success consists __________ hard work

(a) in                       

(b) of                    

(c) for                   

(d) with 

3        He was efficient enough to cope _________ the difficulties.

(a) on                    

(b) with                  

(c) for                    

(d) in

4.       She showed disgust ____________ his ill treatment

(a) at                     

(b) for                   

(c) on                   

(d) in 

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