Stoichiometry Notes With Solve MCQs and Theory Key Points

Stoichiometry Notes With Solve MCQs and Theory Key Points unit 1 download pdf. MCQs and notes for Stoichiometry Chapter 1, along with a brief explanation. With a solved Exercise, Stoichiometry Notes and MCQs Chapter 1 is available. All of the most important key principles of stoichiometry are covered in these notes. Notes for the annual examination of the Fsc and MDCAT admission test paper are included in this document. Stoichiometry Notes with full unit solved MCQs, short questions, numerical problems, and theory type long questions. Useful for

  • KMU entry test
  • PMC test
  • NUMS entry test
  • UHS entry test
  • Federal and Punjab as well as SINDH Board Examinations

Stoichiometry Notes With Solve MCQs:

Types of questions in stoichiometry for MDCAT/ECAT:

  • mole to mole conversion (g to n)
  • mole to mass conversion (n to g)
  • Molar volume and Its conversion (v to mass. mass to V)
  • Similar Mass
  • Calculation Molar Mass
  • Number of atoms (in mole or mass of” molecule)
  • Number of molecules in a given mass
  • mass to number of particles (electrons, protons and neutrons, ions etc.)
  • amu to gram and gram to amu conversion
  • Largest and smallest number of molecules/atom in the given list
  • charge and mass of electron and proton
  • volume conversion from STP to RTP
  • Percent composition
  • Limiting/Excess reagent
  • Actual Yield md Theoretical Yield
  • Water of hydration

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