Thank ma’am Synonyms and MCQs Fsc English Part 1

Thank you ma’am synonyms and MCQs from past papers of Fsc part 1 English chapter wise synonyms and mcqs.

Thank ma’am Synonyms

Thank you ma’am synonyms from past papers of annual examination.

1.       Woman shook the boy until his teeth rattled

(a) thrashed            

(b) strengthen         

(c)  erected            

(d) broken

2.       Woman bent down to permit him to stoop and pick up her purse

          (a) lay down           

           (b) bend forward   

           (c) sit down           

           (d) leave

3        Woman carried the purse slung across her shoulder

(a) outlive              

(b) looped round     

(c) locked               

(d) shut

4.       Woman was dragging the frightened boy behind her.

(a) laughing            

(b) beating             

(c) pulling              

(d) crying

5.       Sweat popped out on the boys face and he began to struggle.

(a) dried quickly     

(b) disappeared      

(c) stopped   

(d) came out quickly

6.       Mrs. Jones did not ask the boy about his folks.

(a) education                    

(b) hobby               

(c) profession         

(d) family

7.       She said shoes got by devilish ways would burn his feet.

(a) good                 

(b) evil                   

(c) sacred               

(d) fair

8.       Mrs. Jones jerked the boy around in front of her.

(a) touched             

(b) pulled               

(c) startled              

(d) strived

9.       Then the boy frowned, not knowing he frowned.

(a) draw the eyebrow to show puzzlement

(b) draw the eye brow to show happiness

(c) advised                       

(d) agreed

10.      Mrs. Jones did not ask the boy anything that might embarrass him.

(a) encourage         

(b) feel proud         

(c) happy               

(d) upset

11.      Mrs. Jones asked the boy not to latch onto anyone’s pocket book.

          (a) deceive             

           (b) banish              

           (c) separate           

           (d) Cling to

12.      The woman simply turned around and kicked him right square.

(a) direct                

(b) indirect             

(c) for head            

(d) back

13.      Boy looked frail and willow-wild.

(a) diseased            

(b) strong               

(c) aggressive         

(d) feeble

14.      There was a long pause.

          (a) break                

           (b) room                

           (c) roar                  

           (d) clamor


1.       How much money did the lady give the boy?

(a)ten dollars          

(b) ten pounds        

(c)  ten cents                     

(d) ten dinnars

2.       What was the time of the night when the boy snatched the woman’s purse?

(a)  nine O’clock    

(b) ten O’clock       

(c) eleven O’clock

(d) twelve O’clock

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