The Dying Sun MCQs Fsc English Part 2

The Dying Sun MCQs From Past Papers Fsc Part 2. Intermediate English part 2 fully solve MCQs collected from past papers of all Boards of Pakistan.

The Dying Sun MCQs

The Dying Sun (Sir James jeans)

Choose the correct option of the following underlined words from Book – 11 (Part 2

1. Outside these belts life would be frozen:   (rwp. Gl, 2015)

(A) dips          

(B) strips        

(C) string        

(D) moving

2. These millions of stars are wandering in space:    (dgk. Gl, 2015)

(A) moving    

(B) diving      

(C) annoying  

(D) declining

3. From these humble beginnings came to a stream, of life: (grw. Gl, 2014) (grw. Gl, 2015) (rwp. Gl, 2018)

(A) sign          

(B) chance     

(C) flow         

(D) evidence

4. Each star makes its voyage in complete loneliness:          (fbd. Gl, Bwp. gi, 2014) (lhr. Gil, 2015) .

(GRW. Gl, 2018) m

(A) journey    

(B) relief        

(C) sleep        

(D) stop

5. An immense tidal wave must have travelled over the surface of the sun.      (sgd. Gil, 2016)

(A) small        

(B) slow         

(C) swift         

(D) huge

6. A star seldom finds another star near it:    (ajk Gil, grw. Gil. 2014) (lhr. gi, 2018)

(A) often        

(B) frequently

(C) rapidly     

(D) not often

7. Here and there, we find an immense number of stars.       (swl. GIL 2016)

(A) Huge        

(B) Small       

(C) less           

(D) Burning

8. The stars are immense balls of fire: (mi.n. Gil. dgk. Gil, 2014) (rwp. Gil. grw. Gil, 2015)

(GRW. Gil, SGD. Gl, 2017) i

(A) tiny          

(B) huge         

(C) various     

(D) smaller

9. Life started in simple organisms.   (rwp. gi, 2017)

(A) oceans      

(B) cells         

(C) creatures  

(D) ballons

10. The space beyond the Milky Way is immensely cold.    (grw. Gl, 2017)

(A) the marks 

 (B) collection of stars

(C) the sun     

(D) the wandering star

11. Life can exist only in a narrow belt.        (bwp. Gl, 2016)

(A) depth        

(B) surface     

(C) way          

(D) zone

12. The planet earth gave birth to life.           (fbi). ge, 2017)

(A) produced  

(B) degenerated

(C) decomposed

(D) devastated

13. We find the universe frightening: (lhr. Gil, 2014) (lhr. Gl, 2015) (ajk. Gil, 2016) (ajk. Gl. 2017)

(A) vast          

(B) beautiful  

(C) terrifying 

(D) pleasant

14. We find the universe frightening. (fbd. Gil, 2018)

(A) pleasant   

(B) horrible    

(C) dry

(D) beautiful

15. From humble beginnings came a stream of life. (mln. Gil, 2018)

(A) Cool         

(B) Hard         

(C) Difficult   

(D) Simple

16. It is extremely unusual for suns to throw off planets.      (swl. Gil, 2018)

(A) uncommon

(B) Difficult   

(C) Easy         

(D) Pleasant

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