The FOOLISH Quack Synonyms FSC 11th English

The foolish quack lesson fsc english synonyms. 11th English mcqs unit wise. Important synonyms and multiple choice questions for fsc examination preparation. No answer key is given. Try to solve by yourself.

The Foolish Quack Synonyms

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1.       The camel men stayed under the clump of trees.

(a) group                

(b) lake                  

(c)  fragrance         

(d) blaze

2.       The melon broke in the throat of the camel and was easily swallowed.

(a) thrown out        

(b) vomited            

(c) wasted              

(d) eaten

3.       The quack said that he could cure the goiter.

(a) cancer               

(b) struma              

(c) tuberculosis      

(d) diabetes

4        The quack struck the old woman with a mallet.

(a) battleaxe           

(b) wooden hammer

(c) spear                 

(d) whip

5.       The villagers compelled the wretch the dig the grave.

(a) villain               

(b) scholar             

(c) surgeon            

(d) patron

6.       The villagers exhorted the quack to dig the grave.

(a) warned             

(b) appreciated       

(c) requested                    

(d) asked

7.       The quack proved to be an unfortunate man.

(a) triumph             

(b) successful         

(c) lucky                

(d) unlucky

8.       The quack was uninfluenced by the severity of his punishment.

(a) unchanged        

(b) impressed         

(c) appreciated       

(d) delighted

9.       The feeble old woman would stand the blow of the mallet.

(a) weak                 

(b) scholarly           

(c) bulky                

(d) shy

10.      The camel, a stolid creature scarcely felt the blow.

(a) dull                   

(b) sensitive           

(c) admirable          

(d) small


1.       What happened when the camel man struck the camel?

(a) the melon came out                          

(b) the camel run away

(c)  the camel died                      

(d) the melon broke and was swallowed

2.       What happened when the foolish quack struck the old woman?

(a) she was cured   

(b) she died            

(c)she ran away      

(d) she abused

3.       What did the quack pretend in the second village? He pretended to be a _____

(a) barber               

(b) teacher               

(c) singer               

(d) doctor

4        What request did a camel man make to him friends?

(a) to punish the quack                          

(b) to teach the quack

(c) to leave the case of quack to him        

(d) to reward the quack

5.       What happened when the camel man struck the quack?

(a)he abused him                                   

(b)he grappled with the camel man

(c)he ran away                                      

(d) he fell down like a log

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