The Use of Force Synonyms MCQs & Short Questions

The use of force lesson 11th english part 1 synonyms|MCQs|Short Questions|without answer keys. Try to solve by yourself.

                              The Use of Force Synonyms                                                                                        

  1. The mother of the sick girl was a big startled looking woman.

(a) contented

(b) alarmed

(c)  delighted

(d) satisfied

  1. The doctor motioned for the father of the sick girl not to bother?

(a) doze

(b) curse

(c) make a noise

(d) trouble

  1. The sick girl was seeing the doctor with her cold steady eyes.

(a) wild

(b) drowsy

(c) passionate

(d) fixed

4          The sick girl was an unusually attractive little thing.

(a) strange

(b) odd

(c) uncommonly

(d) commonly

  1. The sick girl looked like the children reproduced in leaflets.

(a) circulars

(b) laboratories

(c) libraries

(d) novels

  1. The doctor coaxed the sick girl.

(a) flattered

(b) abused

(c) beat

(d) cursed

  1. The girl clawed instinctively for the doctor’s eyes.

(a) audaciously

(b) boldly

(c) spontaneously

(d) automatically

  1. The parents of the sick girl turned themselves inside out in embarrassment.

(a) discomfort

(b) delight

(c) wonder

(d) comfort

  1. The mother admonished the sick girl severely.

(a) rebuked

(b) gripped

(c) admired

(d) embraced

  1. The doctor wanted to torn the sick girl apart in his fury.

(a) bareness

(b) ire

(c) fancy

(d) attempt


  1. Where did the parents have the sick girl? In the ———

(a) living room

(b) bedroom

(c)  study

(d) kitchen

  1. What was the trial shot of the doctor about the sick girl.

(a) flu

(b) diphtheria

(c) sore throat

(d) malaria

  1. How did the doctor approach the sick girl?

(a) laughing

(b) quietly and slowly

(c) fast

(d) rapidly

4          How did the mother admonish the girl when the latter attacked the doctor?

(a) she shook her

(b) she slapped her

(c)she pulled her hair

(d) she whipped her

  1. How many children had the doctor already seen dead due to negligence?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

short questions                                                                    

  1. Why had the parents kept the child in the kitchen?
  2. Did the girl change her expression when the doctor said, “Does your throat hurt you?”
  3. How did the sick girl look at the doctor?

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