UHS Entry Test 2010 With Answer Keys All Subjects

UHS entry test 2010 paper full solved. UHS past papers including mdcat Biology|mdcat Chemistry|mdcat Physics|mdcat English|All subjects MCQs are fully solved with answer keys.

USH Entry Test 2010 Paper Preview

Model Paper MCQs

1.The stress is there to use lead free petrol to reduce
(a) consumption
(b) Expenditure
(c) Pollution
(d) None of these
2.Which of the following gives red colour with iodine?
(a) Glycogen
(b) Cellulose
(c) Starch
(d) Glucose
4.Which statement about Nucleolus is not true
(a) Synthesize site for r RNA
(b) Composed of two regions
(c) Without membranous boundary
(d) Hereditary center
5.In human body only six bio-elements accounts for
(a) 90%
(b) 95%
(c) 99%
(d) 100%
6.The plants having foreign DNA in their cells are called
(a) Hydroponics plants
(b) Induced plants
(c) Specific plants
(d) Transgenic plants
7.The subdivisions of order are
(b) Phyla
(d) Species
8.Which one of the following is real fish:
(a) Silver fish
(b) Dog fish
(c) Star fish
(d) Jelly fish

  1. Successful vaccination is done in
    (a) 1749
    (b) 1880
    (c) 1796
    (d) 1769
    10.Penicillin is not used today because
    (a) has become ineffective
    (b) Not available in market
    (c) too costly
    (d) cause allergic reaction
    11.Which of the following is not a fungal diseasse of plants:
    (a) Tobacco mosaic disease
    (b) Cotton root rot
    (c) Ergot of rye
    (d) Potato wait
    12.Which one of the following is not a floral leaf
    (a) Sepal
    (b) Petal
    (c) Thalamus
    (d) Carpel
    13.The structure in Techeophytes evolved for safe and H2O independent transmission of male gamete of female gamete.
    (a) Endosper
    (b) Pollen Tube
    (c) Embryosae
    (d) Anspodal cell
    14.To fully remove tape worm from the intestine, physicians give to the patients.
    (a) Limnea
    (b) Anemia
    (c) Anema
    (d) Insomnia
    15.The part of digestive system that temporarily stores food in cockroach is called
    (a) Gizzard
    (b) Rectum
    (c) Ileum
    (d) Crop
  2. Cholesterol may precipitaqte in the gall bladder to produce
    (a) galls
    (b) gallitones
    (c) gall stones
    (d) chole stones
    17.Breathing or ventilation is also called
    (a) Cellular respiration
    (b) Pulmonary respiration
    (c) Organic respiration
    (d) Cutaneous respiration
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