UHS MDCAT Biology Past Paper 2022 With Answer Keys

UHS Biology past paper 2022 with keys. University of Health Sciences(UHS) unit-wise past papers from 2011 to 2021-22 in pdf download. MDCATUSTAD has free MDCAT biology practice tests and a free set of MDCAT questions from the past to help you prepare for getting into medical school.

These sets of questions can be used for both studying and testing. After you’ve tried out some of our old papers, we suggest that you take one of our full-length tests. This will let you see how much you’ve improved over time. See our post on UHS MDCAT Biology Past Papers With Answer Keys if you need more help with Biology read KIPS MDCAT MCQs

University of Health Sciences papers:

You only have to answer MCQs, and you don’t have to answer any subjective questions. There must be right answers to these questions, but no points will be given for right or wrong answers. You have to list all of the possible answers that make sense, or your paper will be automatically rejected.

If your paper doesn’t have correct answers, you will lose one point for each wrong answer. Each question has four possible answers, and you can get a maximum of 4 points from each question, for a total of 16 points. Read Question: Only multiple-choice questions (MCQs) will be counted, and you don’t have to answer any open-ended questions. There must be right answers to these questions, but no points will be given for right or wrong answers.

UHS Biology past paper 2019-22

In chemiosmosis, the proton (H+) pumps move from :
(A) Stroma to Lumen
(B) Stroma to the cytoplasm
(C) Lumen to Stroma
(D) Cytoplasm to Stroma
Micro tubule submits (for spindle fibers) are synthesized in phase:
(A) G1
(B) M
(C) S
(D) G2
The Plasmid PBR322 has antibiotic resistance gene6 for:
(A) Tetracycline and Doxycycline
(B) Streptomycin
(C) Doxycycline and Ampicillin
(D) Ampicillin and Tetracycline
The nitrogen-containing because In nucleotides are of two types; Purines and Pyrimidines; the purines bage6 are:
(A) Guanine and Cytosine
(B) Adenine, Guanine, and Cytosine
(C) Adenine and Guanine
(D) Adenine and Thymine
The following flowchart depicts the steps of the Calvin Cycle. Which option
according to you fits in as the correct answer to the missing step?
(A) Hydrogenase
(B) Oxaloacetate
(cl Ribulose bisphosphate
(D) Pyruvate
DNA polymerase enzyme for PCR is isolated from bacteria Theseus aquatics
(A) It can withstand high denaturation temperature
(B) It can withstand low denaturation temperature
(cl It can work at high speed
(D) It can be used again and again
The type of energy-reduced by the enzymes for biological reaction to occur Is called tho:
(A) Light Energy
(B) Activation energy
(C) Active energy
(D) Heat energy
The function of calcium ions in muscle contraction 16 to:
(A) Bind to troponin molecules and cause them to move
(B) Aid in the transmission of nerve impulse
(C) Polarize visible light
(D) Bind to tropomyosin molecules and cause them to form cross-bridges
What is common in both Competitive and Non-Competitive Inhibition?
(A) Irreversible inhibition
(B) Feedback inhibition
(C)l Reversible inhibition
(D) Non-Reversible inhibition
Inside the ovary, the primary oocyte divides through the first meiotic division forming two haploid cells, the secondary oocyte and:
(A) Polar body
(B) Oogonium
(C) Folhcle cell
(D) Ovum


Homozygous means:
(A) having two identical alleles of a gene
(B) having two identical genes
(C) alleles in an organism
(D) two different alleles of a gene
Which hormonal pair would maintain the endometrium and make it receptive to implantation of the embryo?
(A) Lutenist Hormone and Progesterone
(B) Estrogen and Follicle Stimulating Hormone
(C) Lutetium Hormone and Follicle Simulating Hormone
(D) Estrogen and progesterone


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