UHS MDCAT Entrance Test Solved Past Paper 2018

UHS mdcat entrance test 2018| UHS mdcat entrace test past paper 2018 with answer keys| UHS mdcat entrance test mcqs with answer|

UHS MDCAT Entrance Test

  1. Which one of the following cell eventually converts to mature sperm?
    (A) Spermatids
    (B) Secondary spermatocyte
    (C) Spermutogonia
    (D) Primary spermatocytes
    2. Which one of the following movement through cell membrane requires energy?
    (A) Active transport
    (B)  Pinocytosis
    (C) Enetocyces
    (D) Passive Transport
    3. The most common enzyme in the world is
    (A) DNA Polymerase
    (B) Ribulose
    (C) Huligen
    (D) Gyrase
    4. Part of the Forebrain working as a center between Nervous coordinating system and Endocrine system is:
    (A) Medvlla
    (B) Amyglada
    (C) Hippocampus
    (D) Hypothalamus

5, Which carbohydrate is required for the synthesis of ATP
(A) Ribolose
(B) Glucose
(C) Ribose
(D) Fructose
6. is involved in the release of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) involved in water balance.
(A) Anterior pituitary
(B) Adrenal Gland
(c) Thyroid Gland
D Posterior pituitary
7. Isotopes of were used to prove semi conservative model of
(A) Ribose
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Uranium
(D) Phosphate
8. Is the structure of a protein molecule resulting from the regular coiling or folding of the chaise of:
(A) Secondary structure
(B) Tertiary structure
(C) Quadrary structure
(D) Primary structure
9. Membranous sac surrounding the human heart is called:
(A) Myocardium
(B) Epicardium
(C) Pericardium
(D) Endocardium
10. In the stomach, Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is produced by:
(a) Chief cells
(b) Oxytocin cells
(c) Poblel cells
(D) Zymogen cells
11. Select the muscles which surround the urethra and control its function from the given options.
(A) Fibrous
(B) Sphincter
(C) Smooth
(D) Cardiac
12. The cell surface membrane surrounding a muscle fiber is called as:
(A) Cestcrape
(B) Satcolemna
(C) Tonoplast
(D) Plasma membrane
13. Which of the following Enzyme is used to build the new strand of DNA?
(a) DNA reductase
(b) dna endonucleose
(C) DNA tipase
(D) DNA pedymerase
16. is active process involving the bulk trans port of materials in and out of the membrane
(A) Active Transport
(B) Endocytosis & Exocytosis
(C) Diffusion
(D) Passive Transport
17. Air sac of the Lungs are also called?
(A) Bronchioles
(b) Para Bronchi
(C) Alveoli
(D) Bronchi

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