UHS Past Paper 2012 MDCAT Entry Test With Answer Keys

UHS Past paper 2012 with answer keys|

1 The combination of a pentose sugar with a base result in a compound is known as
A) Nucleotide
B) Nucleoside
C) Nucleic Acid
D) Polynucleotide
2 An enzyme and substrate reacts through a special feature or site present in enzyme:
A) Building Site
B) Active Site
C) Catalyst Site
D) Inhibition Site
3 The non-protein part of enzyme which is covalently and permanently bonded is called
A) Prosthetic Group
B) Co-Factor
C) Co-Enzyme
D) Activator
4 One of the pyrimidine bases is absent in DNA
A) Uracil
B) Thymine
C) Cytosine
D) Adenine
5 Enzymes increase the rate of reaction by
A) Increasing Temperature
B) Decreasing pH
C) Decreasing Activation Energy 
D) Increasing Activation Energy
6 Which one of the following diseases caused by enveloped RNA virus and sprt’ad in epidemic form?
A) Influenza
B) Herpes Simplex
C) Polio
D) Small Pox
7 Antibiotics that kill microbes immediately are called
A) Microbistatic
B) Microbicidal
C) Biomtic
D) Chemotherapeutic


8 Which one of the following fungi causes vaginal thrush?
A) Candida
B) Aspergillus
C) Tortula
D) Penicillium

9 During peritoneal dialysis, dialysis fluid is introduced into which part of human body?
A) Liver
B) Abdomen
C) Kidney
D) Pancreas
10 Aldosterone helps in conservation or active absorption of
A) Sodium
B) Calcium
C) Potassium
D) Bicarbonate Ions
11 Maximum reabsorption takes place in which pan of the nephron?
A) Distal Tubule
B) Villi
C) Cortical Tissue
D) Proximal Tubule
12 Which structures respond when they are stimulated by impulse coming through motor neurm?
A) Receptors
B) Resµmses
C) Effcctors
D) Transduction
13 Respiratory center is located in
A) Cerebrum
B) Cembellum
C) Medulla
D) Hypothalamus
14 A neurological condition characterized by involuntary tremors, diminished motor activity and rigidity is called
A) Epilepsy
B) Parkinson’s Disease
C) Alzheimer’s Disease
D) Cerebullar Tumours

MCQS Set 2

15 A type of cell in human testes which produces testosterone is called
A) Interstitial Cells
B) Germ Cells
C) Senoli Cells
D) Sperinatocytes
16 Breakdown of endometrium during menstruation is due to
A) Increase in Level of LH
B) Decrease in Level of Progesterone
C) Increase in Level of Progesterone
D) Increase in level of Estrogen

17 Which of the following is a blood borne disease?
A) Hepatitis
B) Cholera
C) Influenza
D) Candidiasis
18 The control of pest has traditionally meant regulation by natural enemies, predators, parasites and pathogens. This type of control is known as
A) Cultural Control
B) Biological Control
C) Pesticides Control
D) Insecticides Control
19 Which of the following organelles is concerned with the cell secretion
A) Ribosomes
B) Golgi Apparatus
C) Lysosonies
D) Mitochondria
20 Which of the following contains peptidoglycan cell wall?
A) Penicillium
B) Bacterium
C) Adiantum
D) Polytrichuni
21 The inner membrane of mitochondria is folded to form finger like structure called
A) Cristae
B) Vesicle
C) Matrix
D) Cistemae
22 Interior of chloroplast is divided into heterogeneous structure, embedded in the matrix known as
A) Grana
B) Stroma
23 In which phase of the cell division
A) Mitosis
B) Intcrphase
C) Thylakoids
D) Cistemae
24 Luteinizing hormone triggers
A) Cessation of Oogenesis
B) Breakdown of oocyte

C) Development of Zygote
D) Ovulation
25 Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by
B) Pseudomonas Pyogenes
C) Treponema Palllidum
D) Neisseria

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