UHS Will Conduct Practical Exam 2021 As per Schedule

UHS Will Conduct Practical Exam 2021

UHS will conduct a practical examination of session 2021 as per schedule. University of Health Sciences Lahore announces about the practical exam.

Lahore: UHS officials notifications clearly mentions that there is no change in exam dates. The dates of practical exams in medical and dental colleges will remain same as announced earlier.

This policy is only for the areas which are less affected by COVID-19 and security law and order situations. This notification was issued after religious law and order situation in Punjab.

Some areas where security issues due to religious problems occurs . For that areas new schedule of practical exam will be released soon. So the exam will not held in some centers due to religious party protests.

Moreover the UHS officials says that they are observing the situation keenly. So in favor of students we have decided to conduct the exam.

Remember….Only some centers where religious parties have protest will not conduct practical’s. While all other mentioned centers will conduct the exam.

So the UHS will conduct practical exams as per schedule a twitter from uhs official handle.

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