Unit Wise Mathematics Solutions for grade 5th PDF Download

Unit wise Mathematics solutions are very good notes for grade 5th in primary section. There is no alternative of Mathematics solutions. These notes are written by the very intellectual teachers. The language in using in these notes is very simple which can easily understand for all the students.
Math solution is similar to the SNC (Single Nation Curriculum) and PTCB (Punjab Textbook Curriculum Board). The team of mdcatustad is very deeply hard work to collect these notes. These notes will solve the problems of primary students. Our first preference to solve the problem of our students.

The Math solution is set according to the all type of students (Outstanding, Average and Weak). In the Future, we will share various notes, guides, solutions and other helping materials. The primary teachers should teach from this. They should prepare the lessons from this. The Math solutions is very easy to understand.

These notes will save the more time for preparation of lesion plans. The students are Urdu or English medium doesn’t matter, they can prepare easily. They connect with them for the more information about primary level. We always strive for your betterment. You can easily download the PDF notes and feel free.

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Key Features Unit Wise Mathematics Solutions

  • Easy to Understandable
  • Feature and visual images
  • Unit Wise Mathematics Solutions
  • Valuable Notes
  • Provide examples and hints
  • Complete solutions
  • Easy to readable
  • Use simple wording
  • Short Solutions
  • Helpful material both for teachers and students
  • Urdu and English medium

Table of Content of Unit wise Mathematics solutions

  1. Whole Numbers & Operations Unit No.1 Page No.1
  2. HCF and LCM Unit No.2 Page No.17
  3. Fraction Unit No.3 Page No.38
  4. Decimals and Percentages Unit No.4 Page No.50
  5. Distance and Time Unit No.5 Page No.67
  6. Unitary Method Unit No. 6 Page No. 77
  7. Geometry Unit No.7 Page No.81
  8. Perimeter and Area Unit No. 8 Page No. 98
  9. Data Handling Unit No. 9 Page No. 111
Math Solutions Download PDF

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