Why Boys Fail in College MCQs Past Papers Fsc English Part 2

Why Boys Fail in College MCQs from Past Papers of Fsc English Part 2. All MCQs are given with answer keys. From all Punjab Boards.

Why Boys Fail in College MCQs

  1. He has never learned what real application is: (MIN. Gil, 2016)
    (A) hard work
    (B) real work
    (C) work
    (D) study
  2. It is always to the detriment of their health: (MI.N. Gil, FBD. Gil, 2016)
    (A) gain
    (B) loss
    (C) benefit
    (D) good
  3. Nervous habits are not easy to uproot: (lhr. GI, 2014) (dgk. Gil, 2015) (i.hr. Gil, 2016)
    (A) get rid of
    (B) nurture
    (C) appreciated
    (D) rejected
  4. The boy himself can eradicate his nervous habits. (dgk. GII, 2015)(DGK. GII, 2017)(DGK Gil, 2018)
    (A) continue
    (B) look into
    (C) break
    (D) eliminate
  5. The boy must make himself cultivate a poise and calm that smothers the fidgets.
    (RWP. Gil, 2016)
    (A) irrigate
    (B) mitigate
    (C) generate
  6. As a general thing, the boy wins out in such controversies:
    (A) games
    (B) cases
    (C) conflicts
  7. The boy must take himself by the collar:
    (A) strictly
    (B) by neck
    (C) deal firmly

8 He finally wins in such controversy:
(A) agreement
(B) proposal
(C) corruption

(D) Dispute

  1. The college offers scholarships to alleviate this grave situation. (AjK. Gl, 2016) (BWP. GIL 2017) (D) activities
    (A) unload
    (B) defile
    (C) enlighten
    (D) Decrease
  2. He should cultivate a poise. (mln. Gil, 2017)
    (A) balance
    (B) luxury
    (C) plant
    (D) rose
  3. And inevitably it is an important reason for their apparent failure. (dgk Gil, 2014)
    (A) Indefinitely
    (B) surely
    (C) Obviously
    (D) Scarcely
  4. There is no substitute for health: (sgd. 2014) (min. gi, 2015) (dgk Gil, 2016)
    (A) attitude
    (B) alternate
    (C) aptitude
    (D) option
  5. He would not consent to the operation: (bwp. Gil, 2015)
    (A) outty
    (B) insight
    (C) amazing
    (D) agreed
  6. It involves an utterly different tactic. (bwp. Gil, 2015)
    (A) malt
    (B) rebuff
    (C) approach
    (D) scan
  7. The anticipation was always worse than reality: (Lllbt Gil, 2014) (AJK Gil, 2015) (RWP. G1,SGD. Gl. 2017)(LHRj GI & Gil, 2018)
    (A) exception
    (B) expectation
    (C) corruption
    (D) (D) removal
  8. Few lazy bluffers also drift into college: (AJK. Gl, 2015) (SWL. Gil, 2017)
    (A) cheaters
    (B) friends
    (C) foes
    (D) students
  9. Many boys attempt seriously to make good.
    (A) show off
    (B) fight
    (C) read
    (D) compensate

18• Only learning is not of much value unless he possesses the physical vigour: (mln. Gil, 2016)
(A) show
(B) strength
(C) habit .
(D) ordinary

19• Most colleges do all they can with scholarship funds to alleviate this situation. (LHR Gil, 2018)
(A) Assuage
(B) Improve
(C) Arrest
(D) Worsen

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