Why Students Fail in CAT Three Big Reasons

Why Students Fail in CAT? First, let me explain what is CAT. The CAT (Common Admission Test) is your ticket to your dream business school. Every year, millions of people take the test, but not all of them get into the school they want. Why do you think that? Is it because they don’t work hard? No! Is it because they don’t understand the ideas that will be on the test? Wrong again! It’s either because they didn’t study in time or because they didn’t understand what was written on the paper, or sometimes both.

The English section:

A lot of the students who take the CAT every year do not speak English as their first language. This section tests not only how well you understand what you read, but also how well you can understand and analyze complex English passages. If your English skills aren’t very good, it will be hard to do well on this part of the test.

The Quantitative section:

The first big reason students don’t do well on the CAT is because of the math part. This part tests your math skills, and many students just don’t have the math skills they need to do well. Even if you are good at math, the quantitative section can be hard because you have to manage your time well. You have to be able to answer the questions quickly and right, which is hard for a lot of students.

The Verbal section:

The Verbal part of the test is the first reason why students fail the CAT. This part tests how well a student can read and understand written English. The questions are meant to see how well a student knows grammar, vocabulary, and how to understand what they read. Many students have trouble with this part because they haven’t read and understand written English enough.

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