10th Class English Full Book MCQs With Answer Keys

10th Class English Full Book MCQs With Answer Keys download pdf. All chapters solved MCQs of 10th English notes 2023 from the full syllabus. Students will learn the following topics.

  • Unit-wise MCQs with answer keys
  • All lessons and exercises solution 10th class
  • Grammar and Tenses MCQs with solution
  • Summaries objective
  • Past papers solved MCQs
  • PTB English Book complete grammar

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Translate Urdu To English Important Paragraphs:

Here is a collection of 10th class English Important paragraphs. Translate these paragraphs into English. More than 40 Paragraphs for translation from 10th English. Look at the example Paragraph given below. This is the sample for the students to give the concept of translation.

عابی میرے بچپن کی دوست تھی۔ اکٹھے کھیلا پڑھا۔ پھر میری ایف-اے کے بعد شادی ہوگئی اور میں اپنے میاں کے ساتھ لندن چلی گئی۔ عابی نے آگے پڑھا یا اس کی شادی ہو گئی مجھے کچھ خبر نہ ملی۔ جب میں پانچ برس کے بعد وطن لوٹی تو ایک روز باذار میں اچانک عابی کی بڑی بہن سے ملاقات ہو گئی۔ میں نے بے تابی سے عابی کے متعلق پوچھا تو ان کی آنکھوں میں آنسو تیرنے لگے۔ میرا گھر نزدیک ہی تھا۔ میں ان کو اپنے ساتھ لے آئی تاکہ وہ اطمینان سے مجھے عابی کے بارےمیں کچھ بتا سکیں۔

Urdu to English Translation

Aabi had been my friend since childhood. We played and studied together. Then I got married after F.A. and went to London with my husband. I did not know whether Aabi studied further or got married. When I returned to my
country after five years, I came across Aabi’s elder sister in the market (Bazar) one day. When I impatiently asked about Aabi, her eyes were filled with tears. My house was quite near. I took her with me so that she might be able to tell me something about Aabi with peace of mind

10th English Paragh translation from English to Urdu

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