AKU Sample Test Paper 2023 Bachelor of Medicine

AKU sample test paper 2023 for the students of medicine. The AKU(Aga Khan University) finally issues sample paper and marks distribution for bachelor of medicine students.

AKU Sample Paper Test:

THE AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY SAMPLE AKU TEST PAPER 2023 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.


Please read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Make sure that you write your name and application number in the space above and on the given answer sheet.
  2. Mark ONLY ONE answer to each question. No credit will be given for multiple answers.
  3. If you change an answer, be sure that you completely erase the old answer before marking your new answer.
  4. There will be 100 questions in five sub-sections:
    Biology (20 MCQs),
    Chemistry (20 MCQs),
    Physics (20 MCQs),
    Science Reasoning (20 MCQs),
    Mathematics Reasoning (20 MCQs).
  5. Attempt all questions.
  6. Questions can be attempted in any order.
  7. In the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics sub-section every wrong answer loses 0.25 marks.

Sample MCQs:

Diagram 1 shows a plant and a human exposed to intense sunlight.

Which pigment protects the parts L and M from the effect of intense sunlight?

  1. Chlorophyll a

B.     Chlorophyll b

  • Xanthophyll
  • Carotenoid
  • A farmer sold apples, pears, and tomatoes by the kilogram for a total receipt of Rs. 480.00. How many kilograms of apples did the farmer sell?

Which two of the following statements togetherprovide sufficient information to answer the question?

  1. Apples and pears were each sold at Rs.0.50 per kilogram
    1. A total of 780 kilograms of pears and tomatoes was sold.
    2. The total receipt for apples was equal to the combined receipt for pears and tomatoes.
    3. The total receipt for apples was 4 times the total receipt for pears.
    4. The total receipt for tomatoes was 3 times the total receipt for pears.
  1. I and IV
  2. Hand IV
  3. III and V

I and III

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