English solution class 10 | Past Papers Download PDF

English solution class 10 is very vital notes including past papers of all Punjab boards. English notes according to SNC, PCTB (Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board) and all Punjab boards pattern. This is very useful both the students and the teachers. All Contents of the English notes for class 10th set according to past papers of boards.

The English solution class 10 is the best solutions including the MCQ’s, short questions, Pair of words, Correction MCQ’s and subjective portion (Paragraph English to Urdu, Paragraph Urdu to English, Summaries and Essay writing etc.). That’s why this suitable for all type of the students like English and Urdu medium.

Table of Content:

Serial No.Content and TopicsPage No.
1(MCQ’s) Correct Form of Verb according to the Past Papers 1
2MCQ’s Fill up the bubbles according to the Past Papers 14
3(MCQ’s) Correct option and Fill up the bubbles according to Past Papers22
4MCQ’s Correct Option according to the grammar from Past Papers 33
5Short Questions from Past Papers47
6Paragraph English to Urdu from Past Papers54
7Important Summaries61
8Essay Writing from Past Papers62
9Direct and Indirect from Past Papers66
10Important Pair of Words74
11Important Urdu to English Paragraph Translation80
12Chapter Wise Tests84
13Punjab Boards Previous Papers (Subjective) 202097
14Punjab Boards Previous Papers (Objectives) 2020133

English Solution Class 10 according to the Boards’ Pattern:

English Solutions according to the all aspects of the Punjab boards. We present English notes according to new syllabus and annual examination 2023. We also upload the past papers of Punjab boards like Lahore board, Sargodha board, Multan board, D.G.Khan board, Bahawalpur board, Gujaranwala board, Sahiwal board and Faisalabad board. Download complete English notes and feel free.

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