Grade 7 Annual Exam Papers Pdf Download

Grade 7 Annual Exam Papers of all subjects test 2023 pdf download. All tests are according to Punjab examination commission paper pattern assessment. These subjects are Mathematics, Science, Computer, English, Urdu, Geography, Islamiat.

Grade 7 All Subjects Math 2023:

Look at some sample Multiple choice questions from 7th Grade final exam test.

If X= {1,2,3,4} and Y = {3,4,5,6} then is: Then XUY is
(A) {1,2}
(B) {3,4}
(C) {4,6}
(D) {5,6}

A car covers 75 kilometers distance in 5 hours. How much distance will it cover in 4 hours?
(A) 20 km
(B) 40 km
(C) 60 km
(D) 80 km

(7x + 11y) – (7x – y) =
(A) -12y
(B) 12y
(C) -14x
(D) 14x

7th Class English Test:

Before downloading the complete paper read these example MCQs from the English test.

Identify the sentence with the correct punctuation.
a)Aha: What a lovely gift for my birthday?
b)Aha? What a lovely gift for my birthday.
c)Aha! What a lovely gift for my birthday.
d)Aha; What a lovely gift for my birthday.

Identify the passive voice sentence.
a) Alina has washed the floor of her house.
b) Omar wants to buy a new sports car.
c) The bike was repaired by the mechanic.
d) I have collected one hundred old coins.

Grade 7 Computer Test:

Read the following sample Multiple choice questions from this test of 7th class Computer.

……………. presentations are used to present information to a group of people.
(C) Video
(D) Multimedia

There are types of templates.
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

The elements text, graphics, audio/video, and animations are collectively known as:
(B) Multimedia
(C) Group media
(D) Collective media

While all other subjects including GRADE 7 all subjects Science, Urdu, Islamiyat, and History are also provided in this file. The complete file of all subjects can be downloaded from the link given below.

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