MDCAT PAPER 2021 Full Paper NUMS in Pdf Download


MDCAT PAPER 2021 Full solved. All portions of mdcat 2020 Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English are given with answer keys. There were four versions of mdcat 2021 paper divided into four colors Green, Red, Pink, and Blue. All color keys are uploaded with this paper.

MDCAT PAPER 2020 Full Paper NUMS in Pdf Download

MDCAT PAPER 2021 Full Paper in Pdf Download. This NMDCAT Paper is an official copy of the original mdcat 2021 paper. This paper was conducted by the National University of Medical Sciences Pakistan.

Here are some useful resources for nmdcat preparation. If you want to achieve your desired marks in entry test. Follow these steps. Try to solve these practice MCQs of Kips Academy early prep English nmdcat 2021. Click here to download. For nmdcat Chemistry, you should try to solve these MCQs.

Which traits am most likely to affect men than women?
a X linked recessive
B X linked dominant
C Autosomal dominant
D Autosomal recessive

a||o|o3 both have an effect on tho phenotype of a heterozygote organism:
A Dominam
B Recessive
C Co·dominan|
D Mulhpfe

When both the allelos of a gene pair are same, the organism is said to be A Heterogeneous
B Genotype
C Homozygous
D Phenotype

In which type of cells, cell wall is riot present?
A Plant cells
B Fungal cells
C Bacterial cells
D Liver cells

70S 3izcd ribosomes are found in the cells of:
A Algae
B Fungi
C PIolozoans
D Baclena

NUMS Questions Paper 2021 PDF:

According to the fluid mosaic modol of coIl membrano, which zone is embodckd inside?
A Hydrophobic
B Hydtophihc
C Globular
D Filamen|ous

The membrane separating tho vacuole from cytoplasm is callod:
A Cnstae
B Cstemae
C Tonoplasl
D Vacuolar membrane

Select tho ono which i3 not a function of Smooth Endoplasmlc Reticulum (SER)? A Metatxjhsm of hpWS
B Transmssion of impulses
C Transporl DI rnalenals
D processing of glycoptolens

Which of the following organoHos arc involv® In tho syn|he51$ of plgnt cell wall? A Endoplasmic re|icu!um
B Gokji complex
C LySosomes
D) petoxoosome

Transcription is the process in which an RNA copy of the DNA sequence and coding tho gone is produced with the hdp of an onzymo called
A DNA polymerase
El RNA polymerase
C DNA transcnptase
D RNA transcnptase

The parucular array or chromosomo$ fhgt an mdMduel pos$osbo$ is c,ulc.1
A Genotype
El PhanoWpe
C Karyotype
D AINtbe

DurinO memos, tho homologou3 chromosomQB como together jnd form palls
thi8 proce88 Eb ailed:
A Lonkage
B Synnpsrb
C Pawing
D cmsstng over

At what pha*e tho DNA comm of a cell Ib doublod?
A pQophase
B 1nlo¢pha$u
C Anaphasc
D Telopmge

WhOch wmomont conoaly dncnbes the tramcnpfvon DI Dna” A 1| produces amino acids
B It moduces meswnger RNA
C |1 tmultb m incfensea DNA 6yn|heSu$
D It os a sam conservahve process

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