MDCAT Stars Academy Tests Biology With Keys 2022

MDCAT Stars Academy tests assessment tests were held during MDCAT preparation session 2022. MDCAT Biology all tests are collected with answer keys. At SARS Academy, we know that passing the MDCAT Biology Test isn’t just about knowing the material. It’s also about staying calm during the test and being comfortable taking it in front of strangers. All MDCAT Biology Tests from the STARS Academy Lahore session 2022. All these tests of Biology are Topic-wise, Unit-wise, Quarterly syllabus, and Full-length syllabus.

We tell our students to do as much practice as they can so they can get used to the questions and be able to answer them quickly and with confidence.

Stars Academy MDCAT Biology Tests Series 2022:

Biology tests from t1 to t12 are uploaded at the end of this post. You can download the stars academy tests at the end of this post. To become a registered practitioner, you have to pass a test given by the Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan. The first step is to pass a test on different subjects, such as biology, chemistry, physics, English, and analytical reasoning.

This test has been around since 2002. It is called the MDCAT, which stands for Medical and Dental College Admission Test. Students will now have to sign up for courses at STARS Academy to prepare for it. STARS Academy is a company that offers high-quality training modules for all relevant subjects to help students prepare for tests like the MDCAT, MCAT, etc.

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Stars Biology Test Session 2023

 MCQs from Stars Academy Tests 2022:

Biology Stars Academy Solved MDCAT Assessment Tests SeriesOur blood normally contains:
A) 0.08% glucose
B) 0.008% glucose 
C) 0.8% glucose
D) 8.0% glucose
Acylgiycerols like fats and oils are esters formed by condensation reaction between:
A) Fatty acids and water
B) Fatty acids and glucose
C) Fatty acids and alcohols
D) Fatty acids and phosphates

C3H603 is the chemical formula of:
A) Glyceraldehyde
B) Aldo-sugar
C) Di hydroxy acetone
Both glucose and fructose are hexoses, glucose makes a whereas fructose makes a
in a solution, respectively:
A) Pyran, Pyran
B) Furan, pyran
C) Furan, Furan
D) Pyran, Furan
In an aqueous environment, the most stable tertiary conformation is that in which acids are buried inside the conformation.
A) Hydrophobic
B) Hydrophilic
C) Basic
D) None of these

Sample Multiple Choice Questions:

In the synthesis of murein, polysaccharide chains are bound covalently to shorter chains of:
A) Fatty acids
B) Hydrocarbons
C) Oligosaccharide
D) Amino acids
Element required for polysome formation?
A) Ca2+
B) Fe2+
C) Mg+2
D) Cl-
What is the structure of proteins which are embedded in a lipid bilayer?
A) Primary
B) Tertiary
C) Secondary
D) Both primary and secondary
The melting point of a fatty acid decreases by:
A) Increasing number of carbon atoms
B) Decreasing the number of double bonds
C) Decreasing the number of carbon atoms
D) Increasing number of double bonds and decreasing number of carbon atoms

Example MCQs:

Amino acids differ from each other on the bases of:
A) -NH2
B) R’ group
The primary structure of proteins comprises the
A) Size, shape
B) Number, size
C) Number, shape
D) Number, sequence
The number of peptide bonds involved in the stabilization of a molecule of insulin is:
A) 51
B) 50
C) 49
Phospholipids are derivatives of:
A) Phosphatidic add
B) Lecithin
C) Phosphatidylcholine
D) Phosphatidylserine

Stars MDCAT Tests Session 2022:

Test 1Bio-Test 2
MDCAT Test 3Biology Test 4
Practice Test 5Assessment Test 6
STARS Test 7Test 8
Assessment Test 11Biology Test 12
Biology MDCAT T13T14
MDCAT Preparation

Star academy Lahore campus MDCAT Biology Book updated edition in pdf.

Summary MDCAT Biology Preparation Tests With Keys

The Biology portion of the Medical Entrance Exam is a little bit challenging, but we are prepared to offer the best content for those sections. So as I have said before, looking at the entrance test papers will give you a perfect idea about the kind of questions asked. These papers contain MDCAT Biology book 1 and book 2. All multiple-choice questions on the test (MCQs) are with answer keys. They are also an individually separated series of MCAT Biology tests.

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