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Step Academy worksheets 2021 of all subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. NMDCAT STEP entry test session 2021 worksheets download in pdf.

Entry Test STEP Worksheets 2021

Look at some examples of MCQs from the worksheet of Step academy 2021 Biology.

Animal cope with the temperature extremes by a homeostatic mechanism
A) Evaporative cooling
B) Shivering thermogenesis
C) Non-shivering thermogenesis
D) Thermoregulation

Each organism of a species has assumed, in evolutionary history a specific setup
of at various levels of organization suitable to its surrounding:
A) Internal environment
B) External environment
C) Intracellular environment
D) Intercellular environment

Weight of kidneys accounts for less than % of the total body weight:
A) 10
C) 1
B) 20
D) 0.1

Kidneys receive % of blood supplied with each cardiac beat:
A) 1
C) 5
B) 10
D) 20

Nephrons, in human kidneys, are arranged along two distinct regions, i.e.:
A) An inner cortex and outer medulla
B) An outer cortex and an inner medulla
C) An inner cortex and an inner medulla
D) An outer cortex and a middle medulla

Step NMDCAT Worksheet 2021 Biology

The structure which is specifically instrumental in the production of concentrated urine is:
A) Cortical nephron
B) Juxtamedullary nephron
C) Counter current multiplier
D) Restricted supply of water

In each nephron, the inner end forms a cup-shaped swelling, called:
A) Glomerulus
B) Bowman’s capsule
C) Renal pyramid
D) Renal hilus

In each nephron inner end forms a cup-shaped swelling around a ball of capillaries called:
A) Bowman’s capsule
B) Glomerulus
C) Loop of Henle
D) Renal pelvis

It circulates blood through a capsule in a nephron:
A) Afferent arteriole
B) Peritubular capillaries
C) Efferent arteriole
D) Glomerulus

Blood is specially filtered in glomerulus because glomerular walls are porous,
and the fraction of the reaching here provides the filtration pressure:
A) Osmotic pressure
B) Blood pressure
C) Interstitial pressure
D) Diffusion pressure

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