1st Year Mathematics Scheme 2023 For All Punjab Board

1st Year Mathematics Scheme 2023 for fsc 11th class part 1 according to Punjab Education Boards. To help students who are preparing for the upcoming 11th grade exam, we offer a detailed and customized pairing scheme below so they can gear up better.

And it is also imperative that they study this topic as much as possible before taking part in any future exams because every piece of information will come in handy when you need it most! So make sure you prepare yourself accordingly and take note of all these topics mentioned in pairing scheme 2022 Mathematics so you’re one step ahead. Students of Punjab from all provinces can follow this pairing/study scheme 2022 of Mathematics.

1st Year Mathematics Scheme:

The reason for proposing this pairing scheme for first year math ( Punjab Boards) was so that students could effectively plan their studies. By looking at this proposed 1st year math (Board: Punjab) pairing scheme, 2022, they could see which chapters they need to study and answer these questions. The students would also be able to find out the number of multiple-choice questions, short questions and long questions they would need to answer based on the different topics covered in class – which lets them know what section needs more attention when it comes time to write an exam. Studying along these guidelines would make sure every student spends enough time preparing as well as having a complete understanding of every topic in their syllabus so that come Exam Day no one has anything else left to worry about except themselves.


Students might feel confused when they hear about the examination dates and they don’t know which date they’ll have an exam. By following this made-to- measure pairing scheme prepared from 11th class Mathematics book, students will never be left guessing again! With this awesome study scheme it makes sure students fully understand the pattern of which question type (from arts or science) comes up first in annual examination 2023.

1st Year Scheme MCQs (Objective):

1st Year Mathematics Scheme 2023

Short Questions:

Unit    QuestionUnit    QuestionUnit    Question
   1                    3    5                  3    9                  3
   2                    3    6                  5   10                 3
   3                    3    7                  1   11                 1
   4                    3    8                  3   12                 3
     13                 1
                                          14                 2
1st Year Mathematics Scheme 2023

Long Questions (Subjective):

Q.No.5(5+5)               Chap-2  (B)         Chap-6  (A)                  Q.No.7 (5+5 )Chap  – 7              Chap – 8   (A)                              (B)
Q.No.6 (5+5)Chap – 3        Chap – 7
(A)                      (B)
Q.No.8(5+5)Chap – 9            Chap – 10 (A)                              (B)
Q.No.9(5+5)Chap – 12      Chap – 13
1st Year Mathematics Scheme 2022

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