Azeem Academy Physics Book Fsc Part 2 for Entry Test

Azeem Academy Physics Book fsc part 2 for entry test preparation. This book is for the Universities Entry Test like MCAT, ECAT, NTS, GIKI, NUST, AGHA, NUMS and UCP entrance test preparation.

The Azeem Academy Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) Physics book was made to match the format of the MDCAT physics test. The book also has detailed answers to help students. They can use to answering questions in the same way.

They will ask on the test. This book also has a helpful section at the end with a number of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and full explanations. This section gives you a chance to see. How well you did and get use to the different kinds of questions that will on the real test.

Everything is in the MDCAT Physics Book! Azeem Academy’s MDCAT Physics Book is for you if you want to get ahead of the competition and do well on your medical school admissions test. This book will teach you everything you need to know about physics in order to pass the test, including atomic and nuclear physics, electromagnetics, optics, fluids, thermodynamics, and mechanics.

Azeem Academy Physics Table of Contents

  • Key Points
  • MCQs Assessments
  • Answers
  • Solutions

Some Sample MCQs From This Book

A current of I ampere is passing through a conductor, the charge passing through it in one minute is:
(a) 40 coulomb
(b) 60 coulomb
(C) 2 coulomb
(d) None of these

The magnitude.e of the drift velocity is of the order of:
(a) 10″‘ mis ‘
(b) 10″‘ mis
(C) 10″ nils
(d) 10′ mis

For non-oh mic devices, the graph between V and I is:
(a) Not a straight line
(b) A straight line
(c) A curve
(d) All of above

(4) The fourth band is a:
(a) Gold band
(b) Silver band
(C) Brown band
(d) Both (a) and (b)

The gold band shows tolerance of:
(a) ± 10%
(b) ± 20%
(C) ± 5%
(d) 10%

Silver band shows tolerance of:
(a) ± 10% ‘
(b) ± 20%
(C) ± 5%
(d) 10%

If there is no fourth band,’ tolerance is shown as:
(a) ± 10%
(b) ± 20%
(C) ± 5%
(d) 10%

The wire used in the construction of a rheostat is of the material:
(a) Iron
(b) Silver
(C) Gold
(d) Manganin

When the current is being drawn from the battery:
(a) V = E + Ir is applied
(b) V = E – Ir is applied
(c) It is being discharged
(d) Both (a) and (C)

When the current is drawn from a cell, its terminal potential difference and emf are:
(a) Different
(b) Same
(C) Both zero
(d) None of them
The resistance of a conductor through which a current of one ampere is flowing when a potentialthe difference across its ends is one volt is:
(a) One volt
(b) One ohm
(C) One ampere
(d) One coulomb

The SI unit of the temp coefficient of resistivity d a Natalia! is:
(a) K
(b) K”‘
(C) Ohm K
(d) Ohm

Azeem Academy Physics Punjab Group of Colleges Edition

This book is published Azeem Academy Publishers. Main title and logo is with Punjab group of colleges Entry test Preparation Physics part 2.

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