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FIA Jobs Combined Guide 2021 Pdf Free Download

fia jobs combined guide

FIA Jobs combined guide 2021 pdf download. FIA latest jobs 2021 updated notes with answer keys. Test preparation book of FIA 2021 updated edition.

General Science one-liner MCQs(Multiple choice questions).

FIA Jobs Combined Guide:

Here is a table of content combined guide given in the following list.

  • Constable (BS-5)
  • Constable Drivers (BS-5) Assistan Sub Inspector (BS-9) LDC (BS-9)
  • UDC (BS-11)
  • Stenotypist (BS-14)
  • Sub Inspector Investigation (BS-14) Assistant FIA (BS-15)
  • Asistant Director
  • And for all other posts of FIA

Combined Guide General Science One Liner MCQs:

Read some sample Multiple choice questions from this guide. The complete guide can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Embolia is Hesitations in speech
Study of Spiders is called Arachnology
In the human body:
Number of Bones 206
Number of Muscles 639
Number of Kidneys 2
Number of Milk Teeth 20

Number of Ribs 24 (12 pair)
Number of Heart Chamber 4
Largest artery Aorta
Normal blood pressure 120/80mmHg
Ph of Blood 7.4

Number of vertebrae in the Spine 33
Number of vertebrae in the Neck 7
Number of Bones in Middle Ear 6
Number of Bones in Face 14
Number of Bones in Skull 22
Number of Bones in Chest 25
Number of Bones in Arms 6

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