Ppsc Assistant Bs 16 Police Past Papers Pdf Download

PPSC assistant BS-16 Punjab Police solved past paper 2023. Past papers of assistant download in pdf. Punjab Police MCQs pdf. Fpsc assistant past papers in pdf.

Ppsc Assistant Bs 16 Past Paper:

Read some sample Multiple choice questions from the past paper of assistant Police. The complete paper can be downloaded at the end of this post.


The average weight of 8 persons is increased by 2.5 kg when one of them weighs 56 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is:
(A) 76 years
(B) 72 years
(C) 78 years
(D) None of these

Red Lake is found in:
(B) England
(C) France
(D) None of these

What is the function of the Logical Unit in a computer?
(A) To produce the result
(B) To perform arithmetic and logic operations
(C) To control the flow of information
(D) To store result data

Punjab Police Assistant MCQs:

Which of the following is not an MS PowerPoint view?
(A) Slide View
(B) Slide Show View
(C) Orientation View
(D) Presentation View

60 men can do work in 40 days. How long will it take 40 men to complete the same
(A) 30 days
(B) 29 days
(C) 23 days
(D) 60 days

The word “Pakistan” was firstly introduced in 1933.
(A) Daily Jang
(B) Daily The Mail
(C) Now or Never
(D) Nawa-e-Waqt

Police Assistant Example MCQs:

Mr. Javed Iqbal is Chairman of the:
(A) Election Commission
(B) National Accountability Bureau
(C) Senate
(D) National Assembly

The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in the Holy Quran only
(A) Two time
(B) Four-time
(C) Six-time
(D) Seven tone

Which Prophet of ALLAH had minimum age?
(A) Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S)
(B) Hazral Muhammad (S.A.W)
(C) Hazrat Musa (A.S)
(D) Hazrat Eesa (A.S)

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