Intermediate Physics Handwritten Notes With Diagram

intermediate physics handwritten

Intermediate Physics handwritten notes with explanation and diagrams in pdf. Physics handwritten notes of SSC.

Intermediate Physics Handwritten Notes:

Read some example questions like newtons law explanation in these notes of Physics.

We: Hello observer tell us something about yourself observer: Hi, I am a non-inertial frame as
accelerating towards the right with at wat the ground

We: what do you see?
observer. A block of mass M is accelerating towards me (towards left) with as
we: what are the forces on the block?
observer. Real forces Mg vertically downwards, tension T vertically upwards, and pseudo force

Fp = Mat towards me ( towards left )
We: what is your conclusion?
observer: The block is in vertical equilibrium as Mg and T neutralize each other but the pseudo force is responsible for its acceleration towards me, Newton’s law Is valid.

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Physics hand-made notes with diagrams explanation. solved numerical intermediate Physics unit-wise. For educational updates visit this blog.

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