ICS Part 2 Computer Past Papers According to NewSyllabus

ICS part 2 Computer past papers A-PLUS according to alp new syllabus. 12th class computer Azeem 10 Boards chapter-wise solved papers of all Punjab Boards.

These papers of computer science are collected from the following Punjab Boards.

  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Gujranwala
  • Sahiwal
  • Bahawalpur
  • D.G Khan
  • Faisalabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Federal Board
  • Sargodha

ICS PART 2 Past Papers:

Each and every chapter of the Ics computer is given with solved MCQs. Chapter-wise solved short questions from past papers. Important long questions from past papers.

All notes of ics computer part 2 are followed by alp smart syllabus 2021. ICS Computer solved original papers from 2012 to 2019. A Plus solved papers with answer keys 2021.

past papers Table of Contents:

  • Data Basics MCQs, short and long questions
  • Basic Concepts and Terminology of Databases
  • Database design process
  • Data integrity and normalization
  • Introduction to Microsoft Access
  • Table and Query
  • Microsoft Access Forms and Reports
  • Getting started with C
  • Elements of C
  • Input/Output
  • Decision constructs
  • Functions in C
  • File Handling in C

Note: Objective and Subjective type should be given from the retained topics and exercise questions.

Computer Sample MCQs:

  1. This is not a biometric technique:
    a) Badge
    b) b) Retina
    c) c) Face
    d) d) Palm print
  2. A virus that replicates itself is called:
    a) Bug
    b) Bomb
    c) Worm
    d) Vaccine
  3. Which program is not an antivirus program?
    a) McAfee
    b) b) Logic Bomb
    c) c) Norton
    d) d) Dr. Solomon
  4. Which is harmful to the computer?
    b) Virus
    c) Freeware
    d) Shareware
  5. Software that is available freely for a limited of time is called_____.
    a) Freeware
    b) Shareware
    c) Groupware
    d) Relative
  6. Types of software that can be freely distributed freely without violating copyright laws are called:
    a) Shareware
    b) Public domain
    c) Copy-protected
    d) a & b Both
  7. A secret word or numbers to be typed in on a keyboard before any activity can take place are called:
    a) Biometric data
    b) Password
    c) Private word
    d) All of these
  8. Making illegal copies of copyrighted software is called:
    a) Software hacking
    b) Software distribution
    (c) Software pirating
    d) None of these
  9. Illegal copy of software is known as:
    a) Pirated software
    b) System software
    c) Customized software
    d) None of these
  10. A person who gains illegal access to access to a computer system is called:
    a) Hacker
    b) Worm
    c) Developer
    d) Programer

A Plus solved original Board papers can be downloaded from the below link.

2nd-Year Computer Azeem 10 Boards:

I.CS Computer part 2 Azeem past papers according to alp smart syllabus.


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