Ilmi Capsule One Liner General Knowledge Pdf Download

ilmi capsule one liner

Ilmi capsule one-liner general knowledge pdf free download. Revised Edition is actually prepared for all types of paper exams. General Knowledge like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, and SPSC. & CSS Screening Test, PMS & Screening test. If you want to get maximum results from this capsule you must read it with IImi General Knowledge.

Ilmi Capsule One Liner Table Of Content:

It can be used in the followings types of tests:

  • Deputy Superintendent Police
  • Assistant Director FIA
  • (DSP)
  • Assistant Director ISI
  • Land Records Officer
  • Assistant Director Passport
  • TMO & Chief Council Officer
  • Assistant Director IB & NAB
  • District Food Controller
  • Inspector Anti-Corruption
  • A.D Anti-Corruption
  • District Zakat Officer
  • Excise & Taxation Inspector
  • Assistant Superintendent Jail
  • Sub Inspector Police
  • Deputy Superintendent Jail
  • Inspector Police
  • Food Grain Inspector
  • ASI Police & S.I Police
  • Supervisor in Food Department
  • Assistant Director Land Records
  • Labour Officer & Labour
  • AD Ministry of Defence
  • Inspector
  • Population Welfare Officer
  • Assistant Registrar Cooperative
  • Civil Defence Officer

Topics Covered In This Book:

  • Inspector Cooperatives
  • Ziladar
  • Civil Judges Exam
  • Tehsildar
  • Patrol Officer
  • Naib Tehsildar
  • Assistant Food Controller
  • AD Narcotics Force
  • Inspector FIA & ISI & much more ……

General Knowledge Examples:

  • The largest organ of the human body is the Skin
  • Death Valley desert is in California.
  • An instrument used for measuring
  • The Gibson Desert is in Australia.
  • Atmospheric pressure is called Barometer
  • X-rays were discovered by Roentgen
  • Sun is 400 times larger than our moon
  • The first human in space is Yuri Gagarin 1961
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