Khan Academy Chemistry Guess For 2nd-Year Session 2022

Khan Academy Chemistry Guess: You’ve reached the perfect place if you want to work hard in your studies. And ace the 2022 Khan Academy, Chemistry Guess! This post will 12th class Chemistry guess paper. Similarly’ What to expect on the paper Chemistry in the exam, and how to ace it. You will study the following things from this FSC Part II Chemistry guess paper. For Physics MCQs of 2nd-Year visit this post

  • Important MCQs chapter-wise
  • Important short questions Unit-wise
  • Most Important long questions from selected units of 2nd-Year Chemistry

This guess paper is composed of the experienced staff of KHAN ACADEMY Peshawar. 12th class Chemistry guess paper is according to the new syllabus of Secondary Education Boards. This guess paper will save time for students. And also will make the candidates achieve good marks in the annual exam for the 2nd year. You may like to download the ERA Institute Book of Chemistry

Khan Academy Chemistry Guess:

Chapter # 13:

  1. Preparations of alcohols
  2. The acidity of alcohols.
  3. Rxns of 3rd-period elements with oxygen
  4. Oxidation of alcohols & glycols.
    water chlorine.
  5. Dehydration of alcohols.
  6. Rxns of oxides of 3rd-period elements
  7. Preparations of phenols
  8. The peculiar behavior of Be. Why compounds
  9. Rxns of phenol with HNO3 H2SO4, Br2, O2
    of Be have covalent bonds.
  10. Williamson’s method for ethers.
  11. Why Be and Al resist complete oxidation
  12. Why I.E. of Be is more than Al and P is

Chapter # 14:

  1. Color of complexes
  2. The acidity of carboxylic acids.
  3. IOPAC Nominetaure of complexes
  4. Preparations of carboxylic acids & their,
  5. Why transition elements show variable derivatives avidation states
  6. Reduction of carboxylic acids.
  7. Effects of change of oxidation state of Cr

Unit # 15:

  1. Homocylic and Heterpcydic compound catalytic converter.
  2. Detection of elements in an organic J& their
  3. Total synthesis and partial synthesis the effect, of photochemical smog.

Chapter # 16:

  • Preparation of alkenes & alkynes
  • Free radical Mechanism
  • RXN of alkenes with O2, O3, HX, H2O, HOX, etc
  • Acidic behavior of I-Alkynes

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