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kips chemistry class tests chapter-wise with answer keys. Kips MDCAT chemistry self-assessment tests unit-wise with keys. download for online preparation of the MDCAT entry test. Kips has many different kinds of chemistry tests, from easy to hard. Each test is made to test a different chapter in the chemistry course.

Each test comes with an answer key so that you can check your work. Kips also has a self-evaluation test for each unit of the chemistry curriculum. This test lets you find out how well you understand the material and where you need to study more.

KIPS MDCAT unit-wise tests Chemistry 2021-22

Sample mcqs from kips chemistry class tests. Read all multiple choice questions before downloading.

What is the reason that ice at O’C occupies more volume than water
A) Empty spaces
B) Intermolecular forces
C) Ionic bond
D) Debye forces
According to the kinetic theory of gases, the average kinetic energy depends upon
A) Collisions
B) Temperature
C) Volume
D) Atomic number
According to the kinetic theory of gases for an ideal gas
A) There are intermolecular attractions
B) The molecules of Eas have no force of attraction for each other
C) The velocity of molecules decreases for each collision
D) Molecules have a considerable volume
If the volume of 02 is ll.2dnP at STP, then the number of moles would be
A) 2.0 moles
B) LO moles
C) O:S moles
D) 0.25 moles

kips mdcat tests 2021-22

The boiling point of ethanol is higher than ethanal due to
A) Hydro┬Án bonding
B) London forces
C) Large size of alcohol
D) High molecular weight
The structure of unit cell of ice is just like that of
A) Sodium chloride
B) Iodine
C) Diamond
D) Sulphur
In silicon dioxide, the ratio of oxygen atoms to silicon atoms is
C)2: 2
Diamond is a macromolecule. The overall structure of the diamond looks ‘
A) Simple cubic
B) Body centred Cubic
C) Face centred. cubic
D) End centred cubic
Solidified noble gases are the example of solids
A) Covalent
B) Molecular
C) Ionic
D) Atomic
Diamond and graphite are
A) Isomorph
B) Allotropcs
C) Isomers
D) lso-bars

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