Mathematics Textbook for Class 10 PCTB PDF

Mathematics textbook for class 10 PDF download. Students need to have their textbooks with them in order to understand math concepts well. All students also have to do work from the 10th Class Math Book Latest Edition in class and as homework. Because of this, you must have your textbook with you. But it’s possible that you lost the book or couldn’t find it in stores because math textbooks are in short supply.

In this post we present Class 10th Urdu & English Medium Book for our dear students. Text books are very shot in the market nowadays. So, knowing the problems of the students, we are uploading this picture to make it easier for the students. Because we are determined to provide many facilities to the students. In this regard, our teams work very hard. And we thank our teams for their hard work.

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Mathematics Book PDF Punjab Textbook Board for class 10

The best part is that the mathematics book for class 10 is in high-resolution quality. Not just a scanned copy with lots of small pixels. This is the best time to download the math book for class 10. So you can start studying for your tests and exams on topics. Download the 10th Class Math PDF Punjab Textbook Board from our reliable site is an easy way to solve this problem.

You can get either the 10th Class Math Book in Urdu Medium or the 10th Class Math Book in English Medium in PDF format. You can download both Urdu and English medium of any of the book’s chapters.

Table of Content of Math Book:

ChaptersChapter Name
1Quadratic Equations
2Theory of Quadratic Equations
4Partial Fractions
5Sets and Functions
6Basic Statistics
7Introduction to Trigonometry
8Projection of A Side of a Triangle
9Chords of a Circle
10Tangent to a Circle
11Chords and Arcs
12Angle in a Segment of a Circle
13Practical Geometry Circles
Math Book for class 10th

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