MDCAT Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Notes

MDCAT verbal ability reading comprehension notes with solved examples. PMC MDCAT 2022 logical reasoning preparation notes with solved examples.

MDCAT Verbal Reading Comprehension:

Almost everyone who struggles with Reading Comprehension on tests like MDCAT suffers from one or more of the problems. All of these problems are results of the same bad habit:


The materials here are designed to help you break this old habit (at least long enough to take your exam) and to develop a highly active (even interactive) approach to the passages. But the only way to break old reading habits and to develop new and better ones is through practice. So in addition to reading techniques, you should also use the practice sets in these notes to experiment with the techniques discussed here.

Every Reading Comprehension question is designed to measure one of two basic abilities:
• Your ability to remember what you read
• Your ability to understand or comprehend what you read.

The second skill may be a higher one therein it requires independent thinking on your part. More important, you’ll find that the majority of the questions are comprehension questions, not memory questions; and it’s this fact that should drive your approach in reading the passages.

In order to understand (Comprehend) a passage, you must be able to: identify the thesis (or main idea) and the author’s primary purpose follow the author’s line of reasoning from paragraph to paragraph.


You are a slow reader, so cannot finish in time.
Focus on main Ideas and overall structure instead of details.
You cannot concentrate because you feel that ideas are scattered and the terminologies used in the passage are unfamiliar to you. You waste a lot of time in searching the passage for information needed to respond to the question.
Ask yourself “Why the author has written this passage?”. Dialogue with the writer on each idea given in the passage.
You feel difficulties in narrowing your answer choices right down to one clear best answer.
Reading Comprehension Keep in mind the overall theme of the passage and think like a test maker.


If there is any key to success for Reading Comprehension, it’s developing an active approach
toward the understanding of the question sets. There are two types of questions normally asked
on the test
• Detail and Contextual questions: The questions based on a part of the passage.
• Main Idea questions: The inferential questions based on the main idea of the passage,
The detailed question type is easy to deal with. It involves your scanning of the passage text. Pick an issue from the set and find the knowledge regarding the question through scanning of the passage.

MDCAT Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Tips:

Divide the whole passage in logical blocks each of which However, Main idea question type is some what based on describes an idea. your reading and comprehending skills. Always create logical links answer of the main idea question if you have completely between different parts of the understood the overall theme of the passage.

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