Physics MDCAT Unit Wise Solved MCQs Fsc Part 1 Unit 1 Measurements

Physics on the MCAT is over (and solved) MCAT Multiple Choice Questions People often say that physics is one of the most important topics on the MCAT. This test will mostly test how much you know about physics, which includes measuring, calculating, and theoretical physics. Even if you only know the basics of physics.

You will find it much easier to understand any of the other MCAT topics. There are some basic ideas in physics that, if you understand them well, will help you do very well on the test and get into the university of your choice.

The MCAT Physics Solved MCQs Series provides you with a comprehensive collection of MCAT Physics solved MCQs for all four multiple-choice sections of the exam. You will have no problem in remembering or finding answers to these questions.

Here you will find Physics MDCAT Unit Wise Solved MCQs Fsc Part 1 Unit 1 Measurements from MCAT Test Series.

Physics MDCAT Unit Wise MCQs Fsc Part 1 Unit 1

Physics MDCAT unit wise| Physics mdcat unit wise solved mcqs| Physics mdcat unit wise solved mcqs from past papers of entry test.

I. At the present time, the main frontiers of fundamental science are
(A) 2
(C) 4
(D) 5
2. The instrument used to gather information from the far side of the Universe is
(A) Compound microscope
(B) Astronomical Telescope
(C) Radio telescope
(D) Simple microscope
3. The branch of physics which concerned with the ultimate particles of which the universe is composed is known as
(A) Solid State Physics
(B) Nuclear Physics
(C) Particle Physics
(D) Atomic Physics
4. Computer chips are made from
(A) Conductors
(B) Semiconductors
(C) Insulators
(D) Both a and B
5. Which branch of Physics deals with the structure and properties of solids?
(A) Atomic Physics
(B) Plasma Physics
(C) Molecular Physics
(D) Solid state Physics
6. Those quantities which can be measured accurately are known as
(A) Physical Quantities
(B) Vector Quantities
(C) Non Physical Quantities
(D) Scalar Quantities

7. Physical quantities are often divided into ——categories.
(A) 3
(B) 2
(C) 9
(D) 5
8. Distance to nearest galaxy from earth
(A) 10 10m
(C) 10 15m
(A) 10 40m
(C) 1030 m
9. Diameter of the nucleus is of the order of
(A) 10 -10m
(B) 10 -12m
(C) 1015
(D) 10 -18m
10. Diameter of the atom is of the order of:
(A) 10m−10
(B) 10 -12m
(C) 10 -15m
(D) 10 -9m

11. The units of modulus of elasticity are
(A) Nm-2
(B) Nm2
(C) torr
(D) Both B and C
12. Femto means:
(A) 10-15
(C) 10-2
(C) 10-12
13. KWm- is the unit of:
(A) Power
(B) Energy
(C) Intensity
(D) Energy per unit area
14. In SI system the correct unit of amount of substance is
(A) Liter
(B) Mole
(C) Milliliter
(D) Gram
15. The correct unit of electric current in SI system is
(A) Coulomb/meter
(B) Ampere
(C) Ampere/sec
(D) Coulomb/sec
16. The correct unit of Kinematic viscosity in SI system is
(A) ra(D) s-2
(B) m2.s-1
(C) g.s-2
(D) N.Sm-2
17. State the physical quantity represented by kgm2 s-2K-1 where K represents the unit of temperature
(A) Thermal capacity of the body
(B) Thermal Conductivity
(C) Specific thermal capacity
(D) Entropy
18. In SI system the correct unit of Planck’s constant is
(A) Kelvin
(B) Js
(C) Lux
(D) Candela
19. M.K.S Unit of pressure
(A) Atmosphere
(B) Dynes per
(C) Meter
(D) Pascal

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