MCAT Physics Solved MCQs Unit 2 Fsc Part 1

MCAT solved MCQs Physics unit wise with answers pdf. Online MCAT MCQs preparation. MCAT Physics Solved MCQs Unit 2 Fsc Part 1 – This blog contains solutions to the toughest MCAT RC section physics question. What makes it even more interesting is that you can use these to crack your MCAT Physics test! In other words, this blog has given me a clear advantage on the test.

I have just finished solving all the MCQs that are part 1 in the MCAT Physics section. If you are interested in knowing how I solved them and want to get the same solutions, then this post is for you. I have included the solutions to all the questions (except the ones specifically mentioned).

Even though the part of the MCAT test called “Physics” might not be the most interesting or fun, it is still very important. Before the exam, it’s important to start learning some basic ideas and perfecting some practice steps.

MCAT Solved MCQs Physics Unit 2

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1. Everything in the vastness of space is a state of:
(A) Rest
(B) Motion
(C) Perpetual motion
(D) All of the above
2. Which type of velocity does not tell us about the motion between two points?
(.A) Instantaneous velocity
(b) Uniform velocity
(C) Average velocity
(D) Non uniform velocity
3. The speed of light radio waves X-rays, microwaves in vacuum is:
(A) 3 x10’Kms”‘
(B) 3 xl0-8’ms
(C) 3 xl0cms”‘
(D) 3 x10Gms”‘
4. The speed of sound in air is: (at 273K)
(A) 333cms”‘
(B) 333ms-1
(C) 333Kms”‘
(D) 332cms”‘
5. The speed of earth around the sun is:
(A) 2.96 x10’Kms”‘
(B) 2.96 xlO’cms”‘
(C) 2.96 x104‘ms-1″‘
(D) 2.96Kms”‘
6. When brakes are applied the acceleration is:
(.A) +ve
(B) -ve
(C) Zero
(D) Uniform
7. The area under the velocity time graph gives:
(A) Acceleration

(B) Distance
(C) Force
(D) Work
8. The slope of velocity-time graph at any insert gives:
(A) Distance
(B) Velocity
(C) Instantaneous acceleration
(D) Average acceleration
9. The velocity time graph for uniform velocity 13:
(A) Straight line Parallel to x-axis
(B) Exponential
(C) Curve
(D) Parabola
10. Newton published bb laws of motion in hb famous book Principia in:
(A) 1688
(B) 1687
(C) 1686
(D) 1680

MCAT Sample MCQs:

11. Newton laws are adequate for speeds that are:
(A) Low as compare to speed of light
(B) Equal to speed of light
(C) Greater than speed of light
(D) Nearly equal to speed of light
12. Newton’s 1st law is valid in frame which is:
(A) Inertial
(b) Non inertial
(C) Accelerated
(D) both A and B
13. Which will be more effective in knocking bear down of same momentum?
(A) Rubber bullet
(b) Lead bullet
(C) Both a and b
(D) Plastic bullet

14. The horizontal acceleration of projectile is:
(A) 9.8ms-2
(B) Zero
(C) -9.8ms”‘
(D) None of m,
15. Which is the suitable method to decrease the friction?
(A) Ball and rolling
(B) Polishing
(C) Lubricating
(D) all of these
16. When a body moves up on a rough inclined plane, it acted upon by:
(A) Two fones
(B) One
(C) Three
(D) Four force,
17. During projectile motion the horizontal component of velocity’
(A) Changes with lime
(B) Remain constant
(C) Becomes zero
(D) Increase with time
18. The velocity of projectile m highest point is:
(A) ViCosθ-gt
(B) ViCosθ
(C) ViSinθ gt
(D) Zero
19. Motion of projectile is:
(A) One dimensional
(B) Two dimensional
(C) Three dimensional
(D) Multidimensional

Try to solve by Yourself MCAT Solved MCQs Physics

20. Two forces which forms a couple:
(A) Can be replaced by a single equivalent force
(B) Cannot be replaced by a single equivalent force
(C) Are perpendicular to each other
(D) All of these
21. The direction of torque is:
(A) The same as the direction of the corresponding applied force
(B) Opposite to the direction of the applied force
(C) Perpendicular to the direction of the applied force
(D) Parallel to applied force
22. The moment of momentum is called
(A) Couple
(B) Torque
(C) Angular momentum
(D) Force
23. The physical quantity, which produces angular acceleration is called
(A) Centripetal force
(B) Torque
(C) Angular velocity
(D) Moment of inertia
24. Torque of a force is a vector quantity, its direction is determined by
(A) Right hand Rule
(B) Knowing the direction of force
(C) Knowing the position of origin
D) None of these
25. In rotational motion, the analogue of force is
(A) Rotational inertia
(B) Moment of inertia
(C) Torque
(D) Mass
26. The term torque is synonymous with
(A) Moment of force
(B) Moment of inertia
(C) Angular momentum
(D) Pressure
27. The product of force Lima the perpendicular distance between some point and the line of achoo of the force is
(A) The moment of” inertia acting on it
(B) The moment of force about the chosen point
(C) The angular momentum of the body
(D) None of these

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