PMC Grades Inspection Criteria Private Medical Colleges 2023

PMC grades inspection criteria of private medical colleges in Pakistan 2023. PMC ranking of Medical colleges in Pakistan. 92.5%= A+, 85% or above = A, 77.5% or above = B, 70% or above = C, 69.9% or lower = F. PMC ranking of private medical colleges in Pakistan 2021.

PMC Grades Inspection Criteria 2023:

1Abbottabad International Medical CollegeAbbottabad10-07-2018C
2ABWA Medical CollegeFaisalabad20-11-2018B
3Aga Khan University Medical CollegeKarachi05-08-2019A+
4Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental CollegeLahore26-08-2019A
5Al Aleem Medical CollegeLahore28-03-2018C
6Al-Nafees Medical CollegeIslamabad30-12-2015C
7Al-Tibri Medical CollegeKarachi08-11-2013B
8Amna Inayat Medical CollegeLahore28-09-2017C
9Avicenna Medical CollegeLahore20-04-2018B
10Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental CollegeFaisalabad21-03-2018C
11Azra Naheed Medical CollegeLahore30-04-2015B
12Bahria University Medical CollegeKarachi07-08-2019B
13Bakhtawar Amin Medical & Dental CollegeMultan20-02-2016A
14Baqai Medical CollegeKarachi19-12-2018F
15Central Parks Medical CollegeLahore10-02-2015C
16CMH Institute of Medical Sciences BahawalpurBahawalpur22-08-2019C
17CMH Kharian Medical CollegeKharian Cantt31-07-2019B
18CMH Lahore Medical CollegeLahore Cantt30-08-2019A+
19CMH Multan Institute of Medical SciencesMultan Cantt20-08-2019A
20CIMS Continental Medical CollegeLahore16-10-2018C
Private Medical Colleges Grading Criteria

Private Medical Colleges Grading Criteria:

Now you can download the complete list of grading systems and criteria. This list is for private medical colleges of Pakistan. The pdf file can be downloaded from the link given below.

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