Step mdcat English Practice Book PDF Download

Step mdcat English Practice Book PDF Download. step entry test books PDF. mdcat english notes PDF. This book contains Key Points,, Assessments, MCQs, Keys.

Step mdcat English Practice Book Contents

  • Sentence Completion Analogy
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms in Context Preposition
  • Miscellaneous Grammar Mistakes
  • Identification Parts of Speech
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Narration
  • Active & Passive
  • Jumbled Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension

English Practice MCQs

Since her personal pleas had facile to make her noisy neighbors change their ways. the homeowner felt that her only
was to notify the police.
A. Backlash
B. Recourse
C. Bromide
D. Reckoning
Because he had decided not to himself through the sales of his new product, the inventor anonymously donated all profits to charity.
A. Compromise
B. Invigorate
C. Impoverish
D. Aggrandize
Teachers who consider cartoons and comic books harmful to students’ literacy skills often use class time to these
A. Deride
B. Rationalize
C. Vindicate
D. Foster
Though surgeon and researcher Charles
Drew never enjoyed celebrity, he truly deserves to be for his life’s
A. Mollified
B. Lionized
C. Accosted
D. Galvanized
Although some of the text’s language is are and virtually indecipherable, ost o s surprisingly .
A. ligible
B. Convoluted
C. lorid
D. Constrained
Although Ms. Harvey’s disposition was generally , she could become
enraged when sufficiently .
A. Vicious. . Ignored
B. Serene. . Provoked
C. Energetic. . Disappointed
D. Meek. . Complimented

A. Meager
B. Heavenly
A. Stay
B. Still
A. Cancel
B. Returned
A. Noisy
B. Erect
A. Fresh
B. Stale
A. Ordinary
B. Detain
A. Desirous
B. Disastrous

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Hopefully this book will assist you in preparation of mdcat English portion. You can also utilize this book for annual examination for Punjab and Federal Boards.

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