Step MDCAT Repeaters 2022 Tests With Answer Keys

Step mdcat repeaters 2022 tests all tests with answer keys. NMDCAT 2022 prparation all tests collection with answer keys. Download now.

Step MDCAT Repeaters Tests:

MDCAT self-assessment tests of repeaters 2022 session. look at the following image of test 2022. The entrance tests download link is given at the end of the post. The below example is of test 6. Other tests will be uploaded soon with the solution.

Some example MCQs from step mdcat repeaters 2022 self-assessment tests.


0.16. The number of nuclear pores in differentiated cells such as erythrocytes have only:
A) 10 or 20 pores melous
C) 1 to 2 pares nucleus
B) Sor 10 pares/mucleus
D) 3 or 4 pores/nucleus

047 Following processes can be carried out without involving membrane proteins, EXCEPT:
A) Receptor-mediated endocytosis
C) Exocytosis
B) Pinocytosis
D) Phagocytosis

Q.18 Secretory granules (transport veseles) are pinched off at the face of Golgapparatus:
AForming face
C) Cis face
B) Maturing face
D) Tran face

0.19 Unlike animals both prokaryotes and plants have:
A) Cell membrane
C) Ribosomes
B) Cell wall
D) Plasmids

MDCAT Sample MCQs:

Q.20 The finishing packing and distribution section of the cell is:
C) Peroxisome
B) Lysosome
D) Golgi apparatus

Q.21 The fluid located in the center of an animal cell is called:
А) Cytoplasm
B) Nucleoplasm
C) Cell sap
D) Cytosol

0.22 The presence of ribosomes and DNA indicates that mitochondria also synthesize some:
A) Carbohydrates
B) Lipids
C) Proteins

NMDCAT Step Repeaters session 2021 test 5 with answer keys.

STEP Self Assessment Test 6 MCQs Biology

Q.23 Previously the organisms were divided into:
A) Prokaryotes and eukaryotes
B) Animals and plants
C) Bacteria and fungi

0.24 Organelle involved in the synthesis of ATP is:
D) Autotrophs and heterotrophs
A) Ribosome
B) Mitochondrion
C) Nucleus
D) Centriole

Q.25 A barrier between the cell contents and its environment is:
A) Cell wall
C) Nuclear membrane
B) Cell membrane
D) Tonoplast

0.26 controls the life and activities of the cell:
A) Nucleus
C) Ribosome
B) Glyoxisome
D) Lysosome

Q.27 Plant cell being an autotroph lacks:
A) Photosynthesis
C) Centriole
B) Phagocytosis

0.28 Disc-shaped protein structures within the centromere to which the spindle fibers attach during mitosis or meiosis are:
A) Kinetochores
C) Centrosomes
B) Centromeres
D) Nucleosomes

Q.29 Structure and chemical composition of prokaryotic is different from that of
A) Plasma membrane
C) Ribosome
B) Cell wall
D) Nuclear membrane

0.30 It is a complex system of interconnected tubules around the central stacks:
A) Golgi apparatus
C) Endoplasmic reticulum
B) Golgi complex
D) Centrioles

Q.31 Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell walls do not differ with respect to:
A) Composition
C) Peptidoglycan
B) Structure
D) Location

Q.32 The material of cell is recycled and renewed by an organelle called:
A) Autophagosome
C) Primary lysosome
B) Heterophagosome
D) Secondary lysosome

Q.33 The carrier-mediated, energy-dependent movement of material into or out of cells, especially against concentration gradient is called:
A) Passive transport
C) Active transport
B) Diffusion
D) Osmosis

Step MDCAT Test 7:

Download nmdcat test 7 with answer keys attached.

Test No.8 STEP Repeaters 2022:

STEP Repeaters Session 2022 Test 9:

Step NMDCAT 2022 Repeaters Test 2

Repeaters session 2022 by step test 2 of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English.

NMDCAT Chemistry Repeaters Test Unit 3 Gases

Step repeaters session 2021 nmdcat chemistry Test 3 chapter 3 Gases with answer keys. Download from the given link below.

Step NMDCAT Repeaters Test 3 All Subjects:

Step repeaters 2022 test 3 contains all subjects Biology Chemistry, Physics and English.

NMDCAT Repeaters Test 16:

Entrance Test 2022 nmdcat repeaters test 15. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The download link is given at the end of this post. First look at some example MCQs.

0.1 The number of chloroplasts per square millimeter of leaf is about:
A) Half million
B) Two millions
C) One million
D) One billion

Q.2 Unstacked thylakoid membranes are found in
A) Chloroplasts
B) Prokaryotes
C) Eucaryotes
D) Grana

Q.3 Spectrophotometer is an instrument used to measure the relative abilities of different
pigments to absorb:
A) Different intensities of light
Different quantities of light
C) Different qualities of light
D) Different durations of light

Q.4 Pigments absorb light of nm wavelength:
A) 300 – 700
B) 380-2150
C) 350-750
D) 400 – 800

0.5 The enzymes related to glycolysis are:
A) Attached to mitochondrial membrane
B) Attached to the cristae of mitochondria
C) Found dissolved in the nucleoplasm of the cell
D) Found dissolved in the cytoplasm of the cell

Q.6 EXCEPT photosynthetic bacteria, all photoautotrophs contain:
A) Chlorophyll be
B) Chlorophylla
C) Chlorophylle
D) Bacteriochlorophyll

0.7 Pick the molecular formula of chlorophyll b:
A) Css H10O.NAME
C) CssH72OsN.Mg


0.8 Chlorophylla is while chlorophyll bis
A) Blue – Green, Yellow 4 Green
B) Violet – Green, Orange – Yellow
C) Yellow – Green, Blue Green
D) Orange – Yellow, Violet – Green

Q.9 Porphyrin ring of chlorophyll contains , whereas, that of hemoglobin contains part of
A) Magnesium, Iron
B) Potassium, Iron
C) Iron, Magnesium
D) Iron, Potassium

Q.10 When equal intensities of light are given, there is more photosynthesis in spectrum?
A) Blue
B) Violet
C) Red
D) Green

Q.11 Following are the components of antenna complex of photosystem, EXCEPT:
A) Chlorophylla
B) Carotenoids
C) Chlorophyllb
D) Reaction centre

Q.12 molecules of reaction center and associated proteins of photosystem are closely linked to the nearby electron transport system:
A) Chlorophyll
B) Carotenes
C) Chlorophyll b
D) Xanthophylls

Q.13 Atmospheric oxygen used in aerobic respiration is mainly replenished by that produced by:
A) Electrolysis of water
B) Photolysis of water
C) Hydrolysis of water
D) Hydrolysis of carbon dioxide

Q.14 Photophosphorylation never results in the production of:
C) Oxygen
D) Water

STEP NMDCAT Repeaters 2022 Test 17:

Download step nmdcat repeaters session 2021 Test 16. Subjects included Physics chemistry English and Biology.

STEP NMDCAT Repeaters Test 18:

Major testing of STEP NMDCAT entrance test 2021 for instituteepeaters. All you need is provided free at mdcatustad site. STEP Academy is well known and recognized institute for fsc and entry test mdcat preparation.

So we have collected all tests conducted by step academy. Here is a another test nmdcat Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. Lets see some sample MCQs from step repeaters tests 2021.

Insectivorous or carnivorous plants are those types of plants that obtain some of their
nutrients especially by consuming respectively:
A) Nitrogen, insects or protozoans
B) Insects or protozoans, potassium
C) Insects, nitrogen or carbon
D) Protozoans, potassium or magnesium

Deficiency of which of the following causes stunted growth of roots and strong chlorosis?
A) Nitrogen
B) Magnesium
C) Potassium
D) Phasphorous

All organisms need for the maintenance of their livesse
A) Glucose
C) Nitrogen
D) Nutrients

In pitcher plants the of trapped insects are absorbed by inner surface of the pitcher lear?
A) Carbohydrates
© Proteins
C) Lipids
D) Nucleic acid

MDCAT Preparation STEP MCQs:

is present in ATP, nucleic acid and many other important compounds:
A) Potassium
B Magnesium
C) Phosphorus
D) Iron

Air entering from the nostrils eventually reaches the:
A) Lungs
B) Alveoli
C) Air sacs
D) Trachea

The chemical link between catabolism and anabolism is:
A) Growth
C) Respiration
D) Transpiration

Oxygen carrying capacity of blood increase with increase in:
A) Conc. of CO2 in blood
B) Blood of pH
C) Body temperature
D) Humidity of surrounding

How much percentage of CO. in blood is carried in combination with Nations?
A) 5%
B) 20%
C) 25%
D) 70%

Pick up the functional unit of lungs:
A) Trachea
B) Alveolus
C) Bronchous
D) Air sac

During photo respiration glycine is converted into serine in the:
A) Ribosome
B) Golgi bodies
C) Chloroplast
D) Mitochondria

A physiologically dead air space is increased in lungs as a result of:
A Asthma
B) Cancer
C) Emphysema
D) Tuberculosis

During the act of swallowing, the entry of food and liquid into the larynx is prevented by:
A) Glottis
B) Esophageal sphincter
C) Epiglottis
D) Soft palate

Which one of the following is an infectious disease?
A) Lung cancer
B) Asthma
C) Tuberculosis
D) Emphysema

NMDCAT Test 19 With Answer Keys:

You can download STEP Entry test NMDCAT 2021 with solutions. Read the some example MCQs from this test. Download link is at the end of this post.

Plasmodesmata, mostly does not play any role in:
A) Phloem translocation
B) Vacuolar movement
C) Symplastic movement
D) Apoplastic movement

A third mechanism to defend the bodies of animals, against the foreign invaders is called:
A) Heterophagy
B) Phngocytosis
C) Autophagy
D) Immunity

Active infections are combated with:
A) Active immunity
B) Natural immunity
C) Artificial immunity
D) Passive immunity

An immunity developed during recovery from a disease is called:
A) Artificial passive immunity
B) Natural passive immunity
C) Artificial active immunity
D) Natural active immunity

have lymphocytes and macrophages that destroy bacteria and viruses:
A) Liver
B) Lymph nodes
C) Spleen
D) Blood

is not included in the functions of antibodies:
A) Immobilization of antigens
B) Setting in motioprevents thatultimately cause the destruction of antigen
C) Production of toxins
D) Production of antitoxins

The innermost layer of the heart is called:
A) Myocardium
B) Epicardium
C) Endothelium
D) Endocardium

NMDCAT Practice Test 20 with Answer keys.

MDCAT Repeaters Test 22:

MDCAT Repeaters Test 22:

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