TEACHING OF TARJAMA-TUL-QURAN-According to the Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act, 2018 (Act XVII of 2018), teaching the Holy Quran is mandatory for Muslim students in all educational institutions in Punjab (Public Sector / Private Sector / Deeni Madaris).

The Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran (Amendment) Act, 2021 (Act XIV of 2021) makes teaching the Holy Quran a separate compulsory subject for Muslims in all educational institutions in Punjab. As a result, the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) revised the Scheme of Studies at its 83rd Board of Governments (BoG) meeting on June 23, 2022, and included the subject of “Naazrah Quran in Grades I-V” and “Translation of the Holy Quran for Grades VI-XII” as a separate compulsory subject as per the Schedule:

GradesTextbooksPeriods Per WeekMarks
IQurani Qaida0350
IIParas 1 & 20350
IIIParas 3 to 80350
IVParas 9 to 180450
VParas 19 to 300450


The PCTB Scheme of Studies can be found on the PCTB site (mis.pctb.punjab.gov.pk/). The PCTB has notified the Curriculum of Teaching of “Naazrah Quran for Grades I-V” and “Translation of the Holy Quran for Grades VI-XII” as separate compulsory subjects for implementation in all educational institutions (public sector, private sector, and Deeni Madaris) in Punjab, as approved by the PCTB Board of Governments in its 87th meeting on October 7, 2022. (Annex-A). The curriculum for “Naazrah Quran for Grades I-V” and “Translation of the Holy Quran for Grades VI-XII” is also available on the PCTB website (https://mis.pctb.punjab.gov.pk/).

For the Academic Session 2022-23, the PCTB has published the textbooks “Tajweed Qaida for Grade-I” and “Tarjama-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed for Grades VI, VII, VIII, IX, & XI.” “Tarjama-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed for Grades X & XII” textbooks will also be available for the upcoming Academic Session 2023-24.

Tarjama-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed for Grades IX & XI:

As a result, it is requested that you make the necessary arrangements for the teaching of “Tarjama-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed for Grades IX & XI” as per the above-mentioned Schedule, ensure its teaching in all educational institutions (public and private) under your jurisdiction, and monitor its implementation in letter and spirit.

In the upcoming 1st Annual Examination-2023, the respective Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Punjab will take the exam of the subject “Tarjama-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed for Grades IX & XI” at Secondary Level (Part-I) and Higher Secondary Level (Part-I).

Study Scheme Grades IX To X:

  • Science Group
  • Humanities, Social Science & General Group
  • Medical/Engineering Group

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