Urdu MCQs For Class 11 with answers

Urdu MCQs for class 11 with answer keys download in pdf. Fsc part 1 Urdu unit-wise solved MCQs with the solution. 1st-year Urdu solved chapter-wise full book MCQs from past papers.

Urdu MCQs For Class 11:

11th class Urdu full book Multiple choice questions from past papers. These MCQs are according to the new smart syllabus 2021. Most important MCQs from 1st-year Urdu. These notes contain the following topics of 11th Urdu.

  • سابقہ حل شدہ پیپرز
  • یوبٹ وائز سوالات
  • اہم ترین کثیرالانتخابی سوالات
  • سمارٹ سلیبس کے عین مطابق
  • شعری اصطلاحات معروضی
  • جملوں کی درستگی
  • تزکیر و تانیث
  • ضرب المثل
  • گرائمر معروضی
  • Past papers MCQs
  • Chapter-wise MQs
  • Most important MCQs of 1st-year Urdu
  • According to ALP Smart syllabus 2021
  • Shairi Istalahat Objective
  • Jumloon ki darusgi MCQs
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