11th Chemistry Book Anees Hussain Topic Wise MCQs

11th Chemistry Book Anees Hussain Topic Wise MCQs. This Book contains chapter wise solved MCQs from past papers of F.sc exams.

11th Chemistry Book Anees Hussain

Download 11th chemistry book by anees hussain. This book content includes chapter wise and topic wise fully solved multiple choice questions. Some sample multiple choice questions from this book are given below.

Which of the following statements is true?
A. The surface tension of a liquid increases with increase of tempcraturc.
B. The surfdce tension of a liquid decreases with increase of teimperature.
C. The surface tension of a liquid does not depend upon temperature.
D. The surfdce tension of liqu id depends upon the volume of the liquid
Equal volume of all gases under similar conditions of temperamre and pressure amain equal number
of moleaiks:This staterneM refers to:
A- AvogadrO’s law
B. Ddlton’s law of pnessur’
C· A Postulate of Kinetic tlieory
D. Nooe of the above
The temprature above which the gas cannot be liquefied bypressure alone is called:
A. Boiling point
B. CritiCal temperature
C. Tmnsition temperature
D. Absolute zero

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